HEADS UP! eCinemaBoston merging with eCinemaOne on December 1

Hi everyone!

As you may be aware of, we have been making some steady changes to the way PNRNetworks does things over the past couple of months, and we’re about halfway through the restructuring process. After careful consideration, we have decided to combine our two film-oriented websites into one site effective on or around December 1. All past articles from eCinemaBoston will be incorporated into the new area on eCinemaOne we will be setting up for them, and future coverage will be in that section of our main site as well.

What this means for you – not a thing!  We will continue to cover the Boston film scene as we always have, and our coverage will now be a part of our eCinemaOne site instead – beginning on or around December 1, the eCinemaBoston.com URL will automatically forward you to eCinemaOne’s new Boston area features.

In order to accommodate these changes, we’re also making a few adjustments to the last several weeks of eCinemaBoston’s separate site. So PNRNetworks podcasts Subject:CINEMA, Three Minute Weekend, Tuesday Digidex, and Digidex StreamMonth will no longer be loaded to this site effective immediately; they will be loaded on the eCinemaOne site ONLY. If you subscribe to the podcasts, nothing will change in that aspect. If you listen on the web through eCinemaBoston, simply head over to eCinemaOne instead effective today.

Keep watching for more information on the merger of eCinemaBoston into eCinemaOne on both sites, and keep an eye out for more exciting new features coming your way!