Like a phoenix from the ashes…Subject:CINEMA RETURNS WEDNESDAY!

Oh my gosh, it’s really happening…I can’t believe it!

For the past year, we’ve been a state of semi-hibernation on so many of our shows, and our flagship podcast, Subject:CINEMA, has been mostly dormant, because… well… pandemic… theatres closed…no huge movies coming out, that sort of thing.


Subject:CINEMA has returned to production! And our first new full-length, actual movie-related show will be up THIS WEDNESDAY, March 24th!  WOO HOO!

Although Kim and I are not planning to return to theaters in the immediate future – again, see “pandemic” –  we WILL be doing some new films hitting on both on-demand streaming and limited theatrical release over the next few months, as well as some of the smaller films we’ve missed in the past year, and some classic films as well.

We’re kicking things off on the all-new Subject:CINEMA with a comparison and contrast between the 2018 Joss Whedon-codirected theatrical release “Justice League” and the newly-released HBOMax cut titled “Zack Snyder’s Justice League“! As two people who actually somewhat liked the Whedon version, did we like the newly issued “Snyder Cut” or not? You’ll find out this Wednesday!

After this week, Subject:CINEMA will return to our usual Sunday afternoon/evening timeslot every week beginning Sunday, April 4!  and we’ll be gearing up for our FIFTEENTH ANNIVERSARY in June!

We’ll see you Wednesday with our first film-oriented edition of Subject:CINEMA in over a year! Be there!