Boston Springs A Fethival season could be severely disrupted by Covid-19 outbreak

It’s March, and Boston’s busy spring festival season is about to get underway. Or Is it?

Affectionately known here as “Boston Springs A Fethival“, the Covid-19 pandemic is already affecting some events as originally announced. Boston’s annual Irish Film Festival and the Martha’s Vineyard Film Festival (not usually included in BSAF coverage proper) have both announced postponements, MVFF to June or July, and Irish to November 19-22. Boston’s Chlotrudis Society for Independent Film has also cancelled their annual awards ceremony originally scheduled for Sunday, March 22. And there could be more to come.

In addition to the above, all Harvard Film Archive screenings, Emerson College Bright Lights  series,  and MIT weekly film programs have been suspended with the closures of each of the campuses. No announcement has been made by The DocYard or Trash Night screening series, both held at the Brattle Theatre in Cambridge.

eCinemaBoston has reached out to all the film festivals and screening series in the area asking them to let us know what their plans are in relation to the outbreak, and we hope to hear back from all of them. Belmont World Film has informed us they are still on for right now, but are closely monitoring the situation. There have also been some changes to ReelAbilities Boston according to a release from the Coolidge Corner Theater, but we have not heard back from ReelAbilities as yet, I am waiting to confirm the changes.

eCinemaBoston is committed to bringing you any updated information, as well as full coverage of the Boston Springs A Fethival season, so be sure to check back often for updates as they become available.