BSAF 2018: Belmont World Film series continues tonight with “Streaker”

The 2018 Belmont World Film series continues tonight (4/16) at StudioCinema in Belmont with the East Coast premiere of Switzerland’s production “Streaker“; here’s the official synopsis from BWF:

1970’s-style streaking is alive and well in Switzerland, all in the name of poetry! A high school teacher starts an illegal gambling ring that places bets on how long streakers can last on the soccer field before being taken off by security, in order to raise money to build a museum celebrating his favorite Swiss German poet, Gottfried Keller.

Speakers for this weeks’ offering have not yet been announced.

This year’s series, “Bound by Beliefs,” features films that show how difficult it is to implement change in the face of long-held societal or community beliefs. All but one film is either a North American, East Coast or New England premiere and several are also their countries’ submissions to the Academy Awards’ Best Foreign Language Film category. As in the last several years, a full third of the films are directed by women. The festival also includes the most recent work by several well-known directors, including French director Laurent Cantet (Foxfire, The Class), Laurence Ferrerira Barbosa (Normal People Are Nothing Exceptional), and Tony Gatlif (Latcho Drom, Gadjo Dilo).

Tickets can be purchased through the Belmont World Film series website ; screenings take place at StudioCinema, 376 Trapelo Road in Belmont; the screening time for this and all future BWF series selections this year is 7:30 PM

The series continues on Monday evenings through May 14, and a second “mini-series” called “Justice For All” will also run Mondays in June beginning June 11. The Belmont World Film Series will also be a part of eCinemaBoston’s huge 2018 Boston Springs A Fethival Superguide, coming in May, and will also be a part of Subject:CINEMA’s massive BSAF coverage throughout the month of May. Be sure to stay tuned to eCB for the low-down each week!