BOSTON SPRINGS A FETHIVAL 2017: ReelAbilities Boston, Day 5

ReelAbilities Boston, the metro area’s extension of the national ReelAbilities Film Festival, continues today and throughout this week at various venues in and around (and even slightly outside) the Hub.

Co-presented up our way by the Boston Jewish Film Festival, RAB showcases films that highlight people with and are made by people with disabilites. The lineup of films are generally films you may have heard about before, but may not have seen yet, and now you have the chance to do so.

Day 5 is Tuesday, and it’s time to head to Cambridge for today’s selection.

Cambridge Public Library plays host to Rachel Is, from director Charlotte Glynn. Here’s the info from the ReelAbilities website:

Rachel is mysterious, funny, difficult, and ready to move out of her mother’s house. Her mother, Jane, is just as ready, but Rachel has a developmental disability, and Jane is desperately seeking a solution as Rachel prepares to graduate high school. The relationship between mother and daughter is full of frustrations, as each wants independence from the other.

The screening is at 6:30 PM, and admission is free, but pre-registration is as always recommended, which you can do here. Director Glynn will be in house for a discussion and a Q&A along with Susan Senator, author of Autism Adulthood: Strategies and Insights for a Fulfilling Life. There is also a pre-screening reception at 6 PM.

Don’t forget to check out the official ReelAbilitiesBoston website for a complete rundown on all the films, the various venues, ticketing info and more!

Remember, eCinemaBoston is THE place to head for all the schedule, ticket, and film info on ReelAbilities Boston, as well as all the other festivals occurring during the next six weeks. And you won’t want to miss Subject:CINEMA‘s huge two-show “Boston Springs A Fethival” Double Feature weekend, coming May 2-21 will coverage of ALL NINE festivals plus two earlier festivals and two film series. You can check it out at or our parent site, eCinemaOne!

More to come throughout the week – we’ll have complete info on Wednesday’s screening tomorrow morning, so don’t miss it!