BOSTON SPRINGS A FETHIVAL 2017: Boston Turkish Film Festival, Day 4

The 2017 Boston Turkish Film Festival, part of the overall Boston Turkish Festival, continues today at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston with two more Turkish-connected premieres.

BTFF will be happening several days a week for the next month with films that celebrate Turkish filmmakers, and will also present a series of concerts throughout the festival as well.

Today, screenings kick off with an animated feature, Bad Cat, a US Premiere at the BTFF, directed by Mehmet Kurtulus and Anse Unal – here’s the description from the BTFF website:

Take the outrageousness of Fritz The Cat, the cuteness of Garfield, add the whip-smart action of Tarantino, put it in a blender and voila! What you get is Bad Cat: a crudely funny, action-packed animated motion picture for adults. In a sleazy downtown area of Istanbul, Rıfkı the Seagull and Rıza the Rat are preparing for the mother of all parties hosted by Shero, a hot-blooded, sex-crazed alley-cat. Their night of booze, babes and BBQ is thrown into chaos, however, following the unexpected arrival of Shero’s illegitimate, but ever-so-loveable son Taco, along with the accidental death of a sweet, innocent housebound feline who was the object of Shero’s affection. With the dead cat’s owner hell-bent on avenging her death, Shero must face being a father, defeat the crazed lunatic and still leave time to fall in love before his nine lives become none.

Bad Cat will be followed with the US Premiere of We Were Dining And I Decided, directed by Gorkem Yeltan; here’s the synopsis from the BTFF website:

Family relationships are fertile ground for untold tempests. So when families get together even the mildest breeze can add to the storm. There are taboo subjects and secrets that will never be shared with other family members. And they lurk quietly, insidiously, as harbingers of the approaching storm. For Rıza Gürsoy and his family there are countless such harbingers. The source of the storm has a lot to do with Rıza, the notion that he has founded a dynasty and must perpetuate his rule. During the Feast of the Sacrifice, Rıza’s children, grandchildren and all members of the family gather at the Gürsoys’ summerhouse. Celebrating the holiday means sharing good memories, eating, drinking, singing and dancing. But horror takes over and threatens the festive spirit following the sudden disappearance of one of Rıza’s granddaughters. Every one of the characters has been haunted by the thought of her being kidnapped. Still, relief is seemingly at hand when the granddaughter is found, but some secrets have already been revealed. There is no turning back.

As always, all screenings take place at the Museum of Fine Arts. Today’s films are both at the Remis Auditorium; Bad Cat screens at 5:30 PM, We Were Dining And I Decided at 7:30 PM. Tickets for tonight and all the films being presented can be purchased at the MFA website. And don’t forget to check out BTFF’s official website for complete info on all the films coming up!

The Boston Turkish FIlm Festival will continue throughout this weekend with more films from the Turkish point of view. Be sure to check in with eCinemaBoston each day for film and schedule information. And don’t forget – coverage of the festival will be a part of Subject:CINEMA‘s “Boston Springs A Fethival” two-show super weekend May 20-21 at eCinemaBoston and parent site eCinemaOne…don’t miss it!

See you with more from BTFF tomorrow morning!