BOSTON SPRINGS A FETHIVAL: 2016 Independent Film Festival Boston, Day 5

iff-2016-300x175 2016 Independent Film Festival Boston swings into it’s back half beginning today, and there’s still TONS of screenings to go…

Day five brings two of the most talked about films from the January festival season – the critically raved about Hunt For The Wilderpeople and The Fits, plus a ton of other great flicks that have gotten a lot of positive word of mouth, so Sunday is going to be a great film day!

Here’s today’s schedule –  Click on each title for film and ticket information. And remember, tickets can be purchased at the box office for each venue as well – if you don’t have tickets already, there will be “rush lines” at both the Brattle and Somerville for last minute ticketing if there are seats left – films marked “Rush Tickets Only” means that advance tickets are SOLD OUT. Given the number of high-profile titles today, there very likely could be more sell outs before the day is out, so DON’T DELAY – if you want to go, buy your tickets NOW!

Brattle Theatre, Cambridge
1:00 PM  Primaria
3:30 PM  A New Color: The Art Of Being Edythe Boone
6:00 PM  Hunt For The Wilderpeople
9:30 PM  Teenage Cocktail

Somerville 1
2:15 PM  The Guys Next Door
4:45 PM  Paper Lanterns
7:30 PM  Beyond The Wall

Somerville 2
12:30 PM PANEL: Karen Schmeer Film Editing Fellowship: Documentary Editing
2:30 PM  East Of Salinas (Rush Tickets ONLY)
5:00 PM  Skips Stones For Fudge
7:45 PM  There Should Be Rules

Somerville 3
12:15 PM Shorts Program A: Docs
2:45 PM  Shorts Program D: Narrative
5:30 PM  Shorts Program B: Docs
8:15 PM  Collective:Unconscious

Somerville 4
12:30 PM Disorder
3:00 PM  Boone
5:45 PM  Shorts Program G: Narrative
8:30 PM  Shorts Program C: Docs

Somerville 5
12:45 PM FRONTLINE: Shorts
3:15 PM  The Fits
5:15 PM  The Anthropologist
8:00 PM  Rainbow Time

Somerville Microcinema
3:30 PM  PANEL: All For One – Film Co-Ops and Collectives

Don’t forget to check out the official site for all the info on all the great films coming in the next few days, as well as parties that can be attended, great merch to help the cause, and such. And donate if you can – Independent Film Festival Boston is ENTIRELY volunteer-driven – they can’t make this great fest happen without your help!

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