Boston Sci-Fi fest gets underway Friday

The 39th Boston Sci-Fi Film Festival launches on Friday. All showings will be held at the Somerville Theatre.

Here’s the complete schedule as provided by director Garen Daly:

Fest Schedule

Links are for trailers.
Tickets for all shows can be found on EVENTBRITE
5:00 pm • Feb 7 A CONVENIENT NEXUS Shorts
(US) World Premiere. In the near future, companionship is increasingly virtual, with a dark side. Don’t you need a Friendle? Plus two great shorts Amy Kid Zombie Speech Pathologist & Transits 
3:00 pm • Feb 8 SHORTS PROGRAM 2
5:00 pm • Feb 8 DUST OF WAR
(US) NE Premiere. A taciturn cowboy in a post alien invasion apocalypse is the key to realizing a young woman’s destiny, and maybe humanity’s destiny, freedom. dir. by Andrew Kightlinger
7:00 pm • Feb 8   L.F.O.
(Sweden) NE Premiere. With great power comes great responsibility. Nerdy neurotic discovers a harmonic controller and gets freaky. dir. by Antonio Tublen
9:00 pm • Feb 8  ANIMOSITY
(US) World Premiere. Married couple buy a remotely located house. Things are not what they seem as she slowly unravels the mystery of the house and herself. dir. by Brendan Steere
3 pm • Feb 9 SOS: SAVE OUR SKINS
(UK/Can) World Premiere.Two losers wake up to find that the human race has disappeared. Party time, right? Well, maybe. dir. by Kent Sobey
5 pm • Feb 9 MISFIT VORTEX Shorts
7 pm & 9 pm • Feb 9 INVERSE
(US) World Premiere. A man awakens to find what, and even where, things used to be, aren’t. Rules will be broken. D: Matt Duggan
5 pm • Feb 10  SCIENCE TEAM
(US) World Premiere. Man finds a sessile alien occupying his mother’s room. Oh yeah, he ate her, too. dir. by Drew Bolduc
7 PM • FEB 10 BUNKER 6
(Can) World Premiere. Survivors of the apocalypse struggle inside a bomb shelter while one of them is slowly killing. dir. by Greg Jackson
9 pm • FEB 10 DRAGON DAY 
(US) World Premiere. China calls in its IOUs and it’s a brave, bad world. Reminsicent of Red Dawn. dir. by Jeffrey Travis
5 pm • Feb 11 AFTER EXODUS
(US) World Premiere. A enisled man confronts guilt when his solitary world is disrupted by people from his past. dir. by Matthew F Perry
Added shorts: Distance & Unidentified Flying Reality
(US) NE Premiere. More than just strutting and fretting, this one whirs and clanks. The Bard with animated Bots. Added short: Doug.Dat
9 pm • Feb 11 ECHO DRIVE 
(US) World Premiere. A beautiful house, a beautiful wife. You may ask yourself, how did I get here? And what’s with that security guard? dir. by Patrick Sims
5 pm • FEB 12  PARALLAX VISTAS: Shorts
7 pm • FEB 12  POINT B
(US) World Premiere. A student clean energy device has other unexpected uses, but there are those with dark purposes lurking to cash in not realizing what’s truly at stake. dir. by Conor Long
(Catalonia) Premiere. A plague inducing agoraphobia has swept the globe. Two men set out on a quest. One seeking his love. His companion, ruthless HR axe man, has vague motives. Oh, the catch, they can’t go outside.. “A well-made and very entertaining film. ~ Hispanic Film Blog
5 pm • Feb 13  THE UNSTRUNG THEORY – Shorts
7pm • Feb 13 WHO’S CHANGING ~ An Adventure in Time with Fans
(UK) World Premiere. Think you know Dr Who? This doc journeys into the mind of fans & creators. Added short: Painting the Way to the Moon 
9 pm • Feb 13 COHERENCE
(US) E Coast Premiere. “A tour de force of low-budget, self-contained, smart, stylish sci-fi/suspense “ Fangoria.  As a comet flashes across the sky, a dinner party slips into dimensional dissonance. dir. by James Ward Byrkit Q&A with star Nicholas Brendon following film
5 pm • Feb 14  A SINE ROMANCE – Shorts
7 pm • Feb 14 THE PERFECT 46

(US) Geneticist creates a website that pairs individuals with their ideal genetic partner for procreative purposes. dir. by Brett Bonowicz
9 pm • Feb 14  SENN
(US) Premiere! In the future, a lowly worker encounters an enigmatic alien intelligence searching for the ideal. A new hope emerges. Senn may fulfill a mysterious purpose, a purpose that may change the very nature of civilization. dir. by Josh Feldman
3 pm • Feb 15  ARMISTICE
(UK) Prisoner fights grotesque inhuman opponents each and every day starring Joseph Morgan (Vampire Diaries). dir. by Luke Massey
5 pm • Feb 15   OXV: THE MANUAL
(UK) World Premiere! Marie is super-high frequency, Zak is ultra-low. They‘re not supposed to cross paths. Oops. dir. by Darren Paul Fisher
7 pm • Feb 15   SEARCH FOR SIMON
(UK) US Premiere. A charming quirky British comedy about a young man searching for his brother who was abducted by aliens. dir. by Martin Gooch Meet director Gooch and London Sci-Fi Film Festival director Louis Savy after the screening.

We close every year out with a 24 hour film marathon, affectionately called The ‘Thon.

Here are the films in this year’s ‘Thon, and yes, Virginia, it is subject to change.

Flash Gordon (1980)
Electric Dreams (1984)
Dr Who & The Daleks (1965)
Europa Report (2013)
Grabbers (2013)
Westworld (1973)
The World, The Flesh & the Devil (1959)
The Power (1968)
The Visitor (1979)
Silent Running (1971)
Truman Show (1998)
Special Revival! Homunculus (1916)
First Men in the Moon (1964)

plus cartoons, trailers and games

SPECIAL GUEST: Philip Gelatt, screenwriter from

Actual showtimes for the The ‘Thon will be announced shortly.