Boston Film Festival: Day Four

Hey all – the 27th annual Boston Film Festival is underway at Stuart Street Playhouse! Boston Popcorn and Indie Film Spotlight will be giving you a daily rundown of the featured films playing every day, so be sure to check back to find out all the great features!

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PLAYING MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 19, 2011 — Boston Filmmakers Night

(shown with “Give Me a Shot of Anything” at 6:41PM)

6:30PM “The Hub”

Director: Jonathan Walley
Synopsis: This film explores some of the faces around Boston that truly bring the city to life.
Run Time: 0:11


6:41PM “Give Me a Shot of Anything: House Calls to the Homeless” — World Premiere
Director: Jeff Schwartz
Producers: James Pilott, Jeff Byrd
Dr. Jim O’Connell will particpate in Q&A
Synopsis: GIVE ME A SHOT OF ANYTHING is a story about courage, caring and survival. The film follows Boston street doctor Jim O’Connell and his extraordinary team as they make house calls to the homeless, delivering life-saving medical care and offering their patients a chance to feel whole again. The film provides a uniquely intimate view into the world of the homeless and the people who care for them. GIVE ME A SHOT OF ANYTHING challenges us to look past the existing prejudices we may have, and examines how we as a society treat our least fortunate. This is one city’s response to America’s health care needs.
Run Time: 1:21


8:15PM “First Position” — U.S. Premiere (World Premiere at 2011 TIFF)
Director: Bess Kargman
Synopsis: Over 1 million kids take ballet worldwide but 99.9 percent of them will never make it into a professional company. First Position follows six talented 9 to 19-year-old dancers as they prepare for an international competition that has the power to transform their careers overnight. Widely known as the “Junior Olympics of ballet,” Youth America Grand Prix awards more than just medals–it offers full scholarships to the best ballet schools in the world. In this economy, winning a scholarship can mean the difference between making it as a dancer or relinquishing a dream.
Run Time: 1:30