Boston Cinema Census this Thursday

From the Central Productions website:

Please join us Thursday, March 24th at 7:30pm at the Brattle Theatre in Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA!

Central Productions is proud to present the 10th installment of its annual Boston Cinema Census—a showcase of the most interesting and innovative works produced by local filmmakers. In the true spirit of a census, this screening is a look at the strongest locally made narrative, experimental, documentary, and animation—films that are a true reflection of our communities. The Boston Cinema Census comes but once a year, so be sure to join us for this entertaining and enlightening evening.

BCC10 Program Notes:

Wally the Waffle, 4 Minutes 43 Seconds, Narrative/Animation
Dir: John MacDonnell, 2010

On the set of an all-breakfast music video shoot, the French Toast has attention issues, you might want to hold the butter, and our hero Waffle can’t seem to get a thing right. We’re sure antics like this would not happen on an all-dinner music video shoot!
If I Go, 10 Minutes, Narrative

Dir: Erika Street, 2009

Loosely based on Araby by James Joyce, Amy hopes that a certain store clerk will be the break in small town monotony she’s been searching for. If I Go is a delicate story touching on our innate search for escape and self-fulfillment.
66/Ch. 20-23, 8 Minutes, 45 Seconds, Documentary/Experimental
Dir: Kevin McCarthy, 2011

In what could appear as two separate and distinct films, voices are overheard during a commute on the bus; voices overheard during a channel graze through the death valley of the basic cable bandwidth. Often casually dismissed, when joined together in 66/Ch.20-23 these moments of ephemera become something more permanent.
The Final Sentence, 6 Minutes, 42 Seconds, Narrative
Dir: J.P. DiSciscio, 2010

A writer, holed up in a remote cabin, argues with his agent as he struggles to finish his seemingly endless novel while unseen creatures lurk in the shadows outside his window. Is he crazy, or will he be eaten alive by these beasts?
White House, 4 Minutes 25 Seconds, Narrative
Dir: Jared Katsiane, 2011

One lazy summer afternoon on a beach in Boston, two boys try to prove to each other that they can swim all the way to the white house in the distance.
Meer, 4 Minutes 25 Seconds, Experimental
Dir: Robert Todd, 2010

Bleeding between black+white and color, water, wood, and a shimmering reflection of the sun, Meer is a mesmerizing study of what a camera can do under certain control. Marks made in a sea of refracting reflections.
Bridges : Blocks, 7 Minutes, Experimental
Dir: Robert Todd, 2010

Bridges between blocks of space, figures in motion, planes holding us, taking us, spanning and obscuring the built environment: canyons spanned between city-spaces.
A Crecer Como Una Persona, 7 Minutes, 24 Seconds, Documentary
Dir: Bryan De Leon, 2010

Sometimes the search for the American dream gets derailed. The English translation of the title means “to grow like a person.” This is just one of the responses from a homeless father responding to questions from his son, the filmmaker in this touching personal documentary.
When Mooninites Attack, 4 Minutes, 3 Seconds, Animation
Dir: Dave Gordon, 2010

An animated satire takes us back to every Bostonian’s most embarrassing moments of national attention: the response to the 2007 Mooninite bomb scare, based in part on the Internet meme “All Your Base Are Belong to Us.”
Failure Means A Drowning Death,, 16 Minutes, 13 Seconds, Narrative
Dir: J.P. DiSciscio, 2010

With a plot as simple and twisted as you would find in an “Alfred Hitchcock Presents,” three sick old men are waiting to die in a hospital room with a single window and only one spot in the room can see outside. Bitterness and hatred consume one of the men, who desperately wants the view to the outside world.
 Be sure to tell them if you attend that you read about the Boston Cinema Census in Boston Popcorn!