IFFBoston ’08 – Thursday

The Independent Film Festival of Boston kicked off last night with the east coast premiere of TRANSSIBERIAN, a new thriller starring Sir Ben Kingsley and Woody Harrelson from director Brad Anderson, whose critically acclaimed Next Stop Wonderland from a few years ago is listed as a favorite film by a number of my friends. Because of a prior committment, we were unable to make the opening night film, which included Kingsley and Anderson both in attendance – I wish we’d known sooner about our prior committment getting scrapped, because this movie has been on my "must see" list since it first hit the festival circuit several months ago.

Tonight, we will be covering the world premiere of WE ARE WIZARDS, a new documentary chronicling the world of Harry Potter fandom in much the same way as Trekkies covered Star Trek fans a few years back. If you’re there, and happen to see us running around, don’t hesitate to say "Hi", as we would love to meet some of our readers and listeners from PNR, BP, IFS, and Subject:CINEMA.  WE ARE WIZARDS plays at 7:30 PM at the Coolidge Corner in Brookline, and will repeat this Saturday at 4 PM at the Somerville Theatre, just prior to a live show by one of the films’ subjects, Harry And The Potters, at the same venue.

Other flicks today around the Festival:

BLOOD CAR – from director Alex Orr, a horror comedy in the vein of Shaun Of The Dead about what happens when the price of gasoline goes too high  and one mild mannered vegan’s rather unique solution to the problem (full review coming soon)

MISTER LONELY – following the adventures of a Michael Jackson impersonator in Paris who is invited by a Marilyn Monroe impersonator to a commune in Scotland run by a Charlie Chaplin impersonator, from director Harmony Korine

NATURAL CAUSES – An intimate portrayal of the evolutionship of a relationship from beginning to end, following from the initial flirtation through to heartbreak (full review coming soon)

MEDICINE FOR MELANCHOLY – two African American 20-somethings contemplating their relationship in the wake of a one night stand, set in San Francisco’s indie scene

ELEVEN MINUTES – Chronicling the journey of Project:RUNWAY winner Jay McCarroll as he prepares for his first runway show during New York’s Fashion Week

SECOND SKIN – A deep look into the minds and lives of devotees of the online games Everquest and World Of Warcraft

MY EFFORTLESS BRILLIANCE – following the life of a self-absorbed novelist who’s lost his best friend and who takes time off of his book tour to try and repair the rift between them.

MEADOWLARK – An autobiographical documentary from filmmaker Taylor Greeson

JOY DIVISION – a revealing portrait of the band focusing on recollections of the charismatic lead singer Ian Curtis, by key people involved with the band.

SHORTS II – a collection of various short documentaries – Kids+Money, 34x25x36, If A Body Meet A Body, and La Corona

For IFF Boston venues, showtimes and ticket availibility, check at http://iffboston.org