Welcome To Our New Home!

As many of our regular readers know by now, BostonNOW ceased publication on April 15 2008. We enjoyed being a part of the BostonNOW Community, and aren’t ready to move on just yet…actually, we’ve barely begun…

So, after looking at a number of options, we have decided to move Boston Popcorn to the large Typepad community with the rest of our sites!

Over the next several days, there’s going to be a period of transition, and a period of tweaking as we get settled in . You’re also going to see a lot of our old features return. Many people were upset that when BostonNOW changed to Drupal a few months ago, we lost our link sidebar. That sidebar is returning – already has in an embryonic form – and will soon be filled with TONS of great info, including links to all the MetroBoston movie theaters that have websites, a number of other film-related items of interest to Boston movie fans, and more.

We are hoping to salvage most of our BostonNOW content, but we’re unsure as yet if we will be able to do that. I was able to grab our debut post before heading to make dinner, and when I got back, the BostonNOW database had crashed again and wouldn’t let me back in. Also, because it’s NOT a typical blog site, we are unable to just import everything…that would be TOO EASY, wouldn’t it? 🙂

In any case, the new Boston Popcorn site will go full throttle this weekend when we start our coverage of next week’s Independent Film Festival of Boston with some news, reviews, schedules and more. So keep coming to BostonPopcorn.Net and it will bring you right here for the latest in the Boston film community!