FRIDAY UPDATE: West Newton joins Gloucester in reopening for business

West Newton Cinema has become the second suburban Boston theater to  reopen under the state’s new COVID-19 safety guidelines. Like Gloucester Cinema, which reopened last week, West Newton will be running mostly classics – Jaws, A Dolphin Tale, and The Goonies – along with a newly released documentary, John Lewis: Good Trouble, about the life and actions of the longtime US Congressman and civil rights activist.

The Lexington Venue has closed again after an attempt to get back up and running last week; they stated on their Facebook page that unexpected issues that cropped up were a bit more than they were prepared for, and so they are once again closed. But definite kudos to the Venue for trying to give it a go.

At last check, the rest of the indie theaters in the immediate area – Brattle, Coolidge Corner, Dedham Community, and others –  the main roster of multiplexs (or should that be ‘multiplexi’, heh heh) – AMC, Showcase, Regal, Arclight, Showplace Icon, Landmark – the smaller regional chains – Apple Cinemas, Entertainment Cinemas, Patriot Cinemas, Flagship Cinemas, O’Neil Cinemas,  South Shore Cinemas – and the area’s CinemaPubs – Elm DraughtHouse and Route 33 CinemaPub – remain closed for now. CineMagic Theaters will reopen theaters in Maine and New Hampshire next Friday, July 24th; no plans have been announced for the chain’s MA theatres. Many of the theaters are offering virtual films that help support their venue, and you are encouraged to check some of them out.

Meanwhile, A number of pop-up drive-ins continue to appear throughout the state. In addition to the Kowloon Restaurant in Saugus, the Marshfield Fairgrounds, Vision Max Cinema in Salisbury, and the Cape Cinema in Dennis are now offering (mostly) classic family fare on a pop up drive in screen, and the Martha’s Vineyard Film Festival is also sponsoring a weekly drive-in feature as well; I believe one of the South Shore area theaters is also running a pop up drive in, I’ll have more on that later this weekend (see below). Plus the state’s three main drive ins – Mendon Twin, Wellfleet Drive in, and Leicester Drive In – are all open for business. Check each site involved for full info, concessions offered, and social distancing guidelines at each location.

I plan to get a bit more organized and will publish a complete list and links to each location for both virtual presentations and drive ins this weekend, as well as any plans for other theatres to open or what they are presently looking at in terms of service, I am hoping to touch base with many of the theaters over the next couple of days. Anyone who has info on current theaters and would like it to be included are encouraged to use our contact email page here, and shoot us the info.

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