MASSIVE changes coming to PNRNetworks sites in the near future

You may have noticed that many PNRNetworks podcasts have been down for most of the past month. This has to do in part with health issues – much of our team have been dealing with serious problems – time issues – work has been crazy – and logistics issues. But the time off has also given us time to sit back and reevaluate what we are doing, and what we want and hope for our future. And throughout September and October, we will be implementing a number of changes that will help stabilize our output and allow us to bring more to the table.

Subject:CINEMA will return on Monday, September 3 (Labor Day) with our 13th annual eCinemaOne Rising Stars Honors, and this year’s class is going to be exceptional. It will premiere around 7 PM ET. After much consideration, it has also been decided that S:C will be going back to it’s roots exploring different topics each week, much as we did during the first five years of the show. It will remain the home of our annual Fethival shows, our Masochistic March and Screen Screams series in March and October, the annual eCO Rising Stars Honors and the year-end awards shows, and other month long series will premiere throughout the year as well.  Subject:CINEMA is distributed through LibSyn.

Subject:CINEMA presents Front Row Five And Ten will return for it’s fourth season premiere on Thursday, September 20 with our previously announced Top Ten BritComs, and we should be on track for every week after that.  FRFAT will continue to be made available on Thursdays on S:C’s LibSyn channel.

Throughout our long unintended hiatus, we have continued to produce our two weekly new release miniPods, Tuesday Digidex and Three Minute Weekend, bringing you all the new film releases in the US on Fridays, and selected US  DVD, BluRay, and OnDemand Streaming releases on Tuesdays.  These will continue as scheduled; presently both shows air on the Three Minute Weekend LibSyn channel.

We will be premiering THREE brand-new podcasts over the course of the next six weeks or so: Subject:CINEMA’s Review ReVue will feature TC and Kim reviewing both current and classic films, and Subject:CINEMA’s Freeze Frame will focus on current topics of discussion in the industry. Both of these FULL-LENGTH shows will air bi-weekly beginning in late September or early October and will be available EXCLUSIVELY on Patreon.

Kim will also premiere a podcast she has been chomping at the bit to do – Kaiju Korner. This new show will focus on a different Kaiju classic each week, and Kim cannot wait to do it, as she’s loved these films for most of her life and is looking forward to stomping around with her favorite companion other than TC, the Big G himself! Tentative timeline for this show is early October. Distribution is still being considered.

TC’s solo film-oriented show, Catastrophe Vortex, will return for it’s second version in early October as well. TC has been catching up on his disaster films and will be restructuring the show a bit, and he hopes very much you will enjoy the show as it evolves into something new.  Tentative premiere date (new day) is Saturday, October 6 on the CV PNRNetworks channels on LibSyn and YouTube.

Kim’s wrestling show, Ring Around The Rosie, is presently back for more on Wednesdays evenings on the show’s LibSyn channel, and Platinum Roses’ Garden will return for Supernatural’s new season in October on it’s LibSyn channel also.

For those who may have missed it because it’s not directly connected to eCinemaOne or Subject:CINEMA, The Kirkham Report, TC’s music website, began podcasting weekly on PNRNetworks’ YouTube channel in June.  Currently you can catch The Kirkham Report Hot20 every Saturday evening, with a count up of the top 20 songs on the TKR Hot Hits PowerTraxx chart as well as five future hits also. And TKR programming will be expanding on that channel as well, with several new specials and series planned for the not too distant future. All other PNRNetworks shows DIRECTLY produced by TC and/or Kim are also available on PNR’s YouTube channel (exceptions are PNR-distributed shows Ant B’s Nerd Grotto and Cavebabble, which each have their own outlet)

The various websites will also be undergoing some changes and will also have more information on new programming and such coming your way, and we’ll go over all the changes coming up on Subject:CINEMA NEXT weekend (September 9) as well.

Stay tuned…an exciting time is coming for PNRNetworks as a whole, and we hope you will be here!