A quick word…no programming this weekend

Hi all – I wanted to bring everyone up to speed on why we suddenly went silent in the midst of EuroVision activity.

I am presently in Lancaster, Ohio. I arrived here on Tuesday morning after the Fairfield Medical Center called me Monday night and told me that my mom, who had been hospitalized the previous Friday, was having a bad bleeding incident, and that they weren’t sure she would make it through to the following morning. I quickly booked a flight to Columbus, praying that she would hang on until I got here. By the time I got here, they had her marginally stabilized and they let me know just how seriously ill she was – she had not been totally forthcoming about her illnesses with me, which didn’t surprise me – she has always been that way.

As she regained strength on Tuesday, and they were actually able to switch her over to the less cumbersome oxygen mask so we could talk normally on Wednesday, we had some long, difficult talks with some of the doctors, who had been a bit more candid about her condition with me once I arrived on Tuesday. Last evening she was moved from the hospital to a beautiful complex on the eastern edge of town called Pickering House; it’s a hospice care facility.  Her doctor at the hospital told me that she probably will not last more than a few days, but she would be comfortable, as they focus on making sure the last days are still quality of life heavy.  For her part as usual, Mom is more worried about ME than herself, but I think I finally convinced her that I’m ok (and I’m really not).

Today, I’m leaving her apartment, where I’ve been staying since Tuesday, and moving to the guest facilities at Pickering House. She also led me to believe that most of the important stuff is already arranged (I don’t think it is). So I’m hoping that with the staff out there, I will be able to figure everything out.

I am hoping to return to regular duties soon – It was my plan to head home on Saturday via Amtrak, but I’m not sure if that’s going to be doable yet. We’ll see. Obviously because of circumstances, the shows for this weekend have been cancelled, and hopefully we’ll be able to get back going again next week.

Thanks, I will be back as soon as possible…