BSAF 2018: Boston Turkish Film Festival, Day Eleven

IT’S HERE! IT’S HERE! As we told you a couple weeks back, spring is the busiest season for film festivals in Metro Boston. But this year is especially crazy, because FIVE of the festivals were running their programming on the same weekend. Now, that weekend has passed, and we’re down to just two festivals for the next weekend. Much easier to choose..or is it? 🙂

So…lets get started kiddies! Boston Springs A Fethival 2018 is officially underway, and we’ll have info for all the various festivals and their schedules every day, so be sure to keep your browser turned to for all the latest info!

The Boston Turkish Film Festival is in its third and final weekend of it’s 17th annual program. As always, all screenings are at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.

Starting off things today is the encore of the film, Big Big World, from director Reha Erdem. Here’s the official synopsis from the BTFF website:

When orphan siblings Ali and Zuhal take their first steps into the big real world, it means committing a crime. They are forced onto the run and find refuge in a forest which becomes their own corner of paradise. Here, removed from the ‘civilized’ world, the two child outcasts get to relive the human story all over again.

The screening starts at 12:30 PM at the Remis Auditorium, and tickets can be purchased here.

Concluding Saturday’s program will be the film Dream, from director DerviÅŸ Zaim. Here’s the official word from the BTFF Website:

Sine, a bright architect who is troubled by the shape of present-day architecture, designs an innovative, cave-like mosque inspired by the Seven Sleepers myth. The construction phase is beset with problems. Traumatized, Sine develops insomnia. She finally manages to sleep at a sleep-disorder clinic and sees herself in the myth of the Seven Sleepers. Waking from the dream, Sine has changed physically and psychologically. Each time she goes to the clinic, she changes, and each time her new selves act differently.

Screening is at 3 PM, again at the Remis Auditorium with director Dervis Zaim on hand for a Q&A after the screening. Tickets can be purchased here.

BTFF concludes on Sunday with two more encores – be sure to check back here for the lineup!

For complete information on the festival and all of its offerings this year, be sure to visit the official website at!

Be sure to stay informed by keeping your browser on eCinemaBoston for complete schedule and ticket info! And don’t forget, BTFF will be part of our sister podcast Subject:CINEMA’s massive BSAF coverage throughout the month of May, and also in our huge BSAF SuperGuide PDF online magazine, also coming in mid-May!