BSAF 2018: Wicked Queer Boston LGBT Film Festival – Day Nine

IT’S HERE! IT’S HERE! As we told you a couple weeks back, spring is the busiest season for film festivals in Metro Boston.

So…lets get started kiddies! Boston Springs A Fethival 2018 is officially underway, and we’ll have info for all the various festivals and their schedules every day, so be sure to keep your browser turned to for all the latest info!

We are now a week into the Wicked Queer Boston LGBT Film Festival, which continues its weekday lineup this evening with several offerings at various locations.

As the festival swings back into its final weekend, things ramp up again, with FIVE offerings to choose from.  As always, click on the title for ticket info, descriptions from the Wicked Queer festival website:

Feminista,  Arts/Emerson Paramount Center,  7 PM: co-presented by Cambridge Women’s Center , Boston Dyke March , Feminist&Queer Happy Hour

Feminista is a feminist road movie. In 2015, Myriam Fougère joined a group of young activists who had formed a caravan to travel across twenty European countries – from Turkey to Portugal, by the way of the Balkans, to Italy, Spain and Portugal. Revealing how this new breed of politicized women inhabit their personal lives, Feminista documents how a dedicated international group of young feminists traveled across miles and territories to unite forces with other women.

My Life with James Dean, Brattle Theatre,  7:30  PM; co-presented by The French Cultural Center

Invited to present his first feature film « My life with James Dean » in Normandy, the young director Géraud Champreux has no idea this film tour is about to change his life. From wild stampedes to woeful screenings, from trawler trips to drunken evenings, Géraud ends up finding inspiration in this unlikely town at the end of the earth.

Pinsky. Alfond Auditorum @ Museum Of Fine Arts, 8 PM; special guest Amanda Lundquist; co-presented by Boston Jewish Film Festival

Sophia Pinsky is doing just fine: she has a job, an apartment, and a girlfriend. That is, until her girlfriend breaks up with her and her grandfather dies on the same day. As her life starts to unravel, Sophia moves back in with her overbearing Russian-Jewish grandmother in the Boston suburbs. When her grandmother reveals that not only is she dating again but she’s in love with the family’s rabbi, Sophia is pitted grandmother in a struggle to define loyalty and love, all while trying to become a “real adult,” once and for all.

M/M, Arts/Emerson Paramount Center, 9:30 PM; co-presented by Boston Underground Film Festival

Wayward Canadian, Matthew, crushed by the isolation of being new to Berlin, turns his sexual desires toward Matthias that spiral into a dark fixation of assumed identity. Soon, this obsessive power struggle between the two, careens toward brutal passion and violence in a bid for dominance.

Queercore: How To Punk A Revolution, Brattle Theatre, 9:30 PM

A documentary on Queercore, the cultural and social movement that began as an offshoot of punk and was distinguished by its discontent with society’s disapproval of the gay, bisexual, lesbian and transgender communities.Interviewees discuss homophobia, gender, feminism, AIDS, assimilation, sex, and, of course, art.

As you can tell, there’s lots of intriguing and interesting films to choose from! For complete information on the festival and it’s upcoming offerings, be sure to visit the official website at  We have attended selections at this festival several times over the past several years, and every film we’ve seen there has been a true gem; Wicked Queer always finds the best programming possible!

Look for more great films to spread throughout the festival – we’ll have Saturday’s line-up tomorrow morning!

Running through April 8, you can catch screenings at various locations around the Hub, including the MFA, the Arts/Emerson Paramount Theater, both in Boston, and at the Brattle Theatre in Cambridge. And we’ll have daily schedule and ticket info right here. Be sure to stay informed by keeping your browser on eCinemaBoston for complete schedule and ticket info! And don’t forget, Wicked Queer Boston LGBT Film Festival will be part of our sister podcast Subject:CINEMA‘s massive BSAF coverage throughout the month of May, and also in our huge BSAF SuperGuide PDF online magazine, also coming in mid-May!