BSAF 2018: DocYard spring series continues with “Railway Sleepers”

The Spring 2018 series of screenings from Cambridge-based The DocYard continues this Monday (3/26) with the critically-acclaimed film Railway Sleepers. Here’s the official synopsis from the organization’s website:

The first railway line in Thailand was inaugurated in 1893 – a sign of progress and prosperity. Shot over eight years on every active line of the country’s railway system, this wondrous documentary, directed by Sompot Chidgasornpongse and executive produced by Apichatpong Weerasethakul, offers an unprecedented immersion into the country’s past and present. While the camera mixes with the passengers as if it itself were one of them, Railway Sleepers skillfully collapses its massive trove of footage to simulate a two-day, two-night journey through the country. Looking out the train windows, you can still see rice paddies and palm trees. In first class, foreign tourists mingle with wealthy locals, toasting one another before retiring to generously sized couchettes. In the back of the train, the wagons are jam-packed. Railway Sleepers emerges as a contemplative portrait of this ever-shifting country as well as a fascinating illustration of the powerful economic and psychological role the railway system played in its history.

The film screens with the short “Mr. Yellow Sweatshirt“.

Screening begins at 7 PM at the Brattle Theatre in Cambridge. Tickets can be purchased from the theater website or box office.

For those unfamiliar with The DocYard, their mission statement, listed on their website says “Established in 2010, The DocYard celebrates what is innovative and inspiring in documentary and brings filmmakers and audiences together to explore the craft of non-fiction storytelling. Building on Boston’s rich legacy in documentary, the goal of the screening series is to continue to grow a vibrant, creative community of media-makers and film lovers in the region.”

Films in the Spring Series run every other Monday at 7 PM at the Brattle Theater. Because it falls in our Boston Springs A Fethival coverage, we also include the organizations entire lineup in our annual Boston Springs A Fethival Superguide, due in early May, and will also cover the films showing during the series on Subject:CINEMA‘s extensive coverage of the season in May! Be sure to check out eCinemaBoston regularly for all the info!