BSAF 2018: Boston Underground Film Festival, Day Two

IT’S HERE! IT’S HERE! As we told you a couple weeks back, spring is the busiest season for film festivals in Metro Boston. But this year is especially crazy, because FIVE of the festivals are running all or part of their programming on the SAME WEEKEND! So you have a ton of choices to make.

So lets keep going, kiddies! Boston Springs A Fethival 2018 is officially underway, and we’ll have info for all the various festivals and their schedules every day, so be sure to keep your browser turned to for all the latest info!

Boston Underground Film Festival is marking their twentieth anniversary this year with a variety of films you can only find at BUFF every year – off the wall, strange, creepy, exciting, subversive – you name it, BUFF has it!

BUFF kicks off day two with their shorts program Touching From A Distance, shorts that get under your skin. The fun begins at 5:30 PM.

Next up, the feature film Pincushion, which BUFF says is equal parts gothic fairytale and coming of age drama that spins a pastel pink yarn about a princess and a hunchback and the heartrending cycle of intergenerational bullying that binds them. Directed by Deborah Haywood, it screens at 7:45 PM.

Concluding the evening will be the off the wall thriller The Theta Girl, which according to the IMDb “follows Gayce, a take-no-shit young woman, deals a hallucinogenic drug called “theta,” facilitating an audience for her friends’ all-girl rock band. When Gayce’s friends are brutally murdered, she must solve the mystery behind the murders and protect herself from the killer”. It screens at 9:45 PM. Screenwriter David Axe will be in attendance for a Q&A after the screening.

All films at BUFF screen at the Brattle Theatre in Cambridge. You can check for tickets for each film, as well as full information on this years’ films and festivities, at the Boston Underground Film Festival website at!

Tomorrow: More great subversive programming from the always dependable folks at the Boston Underground Film Festival! Check back for all the latest info Friday morning! And don’t forget – in May, eCB will debut it’s 2018 Boston Springs A Fethival SuperGuide, with info on all the festivals and the films therein – don’t forget to check back with eCB to pick up your download in early May! And eCB’s sister podcast Subject:CINEMA will be devoting segments to the entire BSAF season all throughout May – be sure to check it out at!