PODCAST: Subject:CINEMA #583 – September 17 2017

Subject:CINEMA #583 – September 17 2017

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This Week:

Hi everyone! It’s THAT time of year again..time to listen to TC and Kim ramble on about their daily activities whilst visiting Cape Cod – that’s right, it’s the annual Vacation Travelogue Show!

This year’s show is hella long – we talked a LOT about virtually nothing but we hope you’ll enjoy it all the same! We talked about all the places we visited this year, gave our commentary on Hurricane Irma’s devastation in Florida, remembered the 16th anniversary of 9/11, and along the way also managed to have some incredibly fun adventures, and some goofy discussions. Also in this week’s show, discussions of music, radio stations on the Cape, the reaction to “mother!”, the AGT Semifinals part two, and lots of talk about food food FOOD!  As always, it’s rambling, pretty much unedited to preserve the goofiness of what we do, and we hope you’ll be amused and enjoy it as we take you on a vacation to Cape Cod in the minds’ eye…yeah right…anyway, we hope you enjoy it! As it’s kind of long (3 and a half friggin’ hours) you may want to listen in spurts, and we have perfectly placed music breaks along way…of course…

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