SO…just what the heck is going on at PNRNetworks? ::SIGH::

The last ten days have been a major pain in the ass…let me tell you about what’s happening and how it’s going to affect our programming.

First Kim and then I got horribly sick over the past week. This is not good, especially for me. Because while Kim deals with various illnesses all the time, I am presently in the last month of treatment for a serious kidney ailment. Getting sick is NOT good for me right now – they had to shut down my immune system and restart it to get me back on the right track. And so far it’s worked, but of course, after MONTHS of dodging all kinds of colds at work, at the theatre, and various shopping excursions, I had to catch a bad cold now. Right at the beginning of what is usually our BUSIEST WEEK OF THE DAMN SUMMER!!! CURSE YOU RED BARON! (sorry, had a Snoopy moment there…)

For the second weekend in a row, there is NO Subject:CINEMA to speak of. This will be rectified next weekend, when Drive In Summer will resume as if nothing happened. However, for the first time in 12 years, it means we are NOT going to have the Rising Stars Honors out on time. We have discussed things, and would rather do that one show – one of our most listened to shows each year – right, and not have it sounding shoddy. So this year, the Rising Stars Honors are moving to Labor Day weekend in early September – it will be the final show of Subject:CINEMA before our planned fall vacation.

However, we don’t intend to be completely idle – there will be a NEW Front Row Five And Ten up on July 4th, and the premiere of our Summer series The Reel Recipe on Thursday, plus regularly scheduled episodes of Tuesday Digidex on Tuesday and Three Minute Weekend on Friday, and a new Catastrophe Vortex on Wednesday. So even though we’re sick we will still manage to get something up for our listeners, because…well…the show MUST go on…::wink::

Barring any other illness or a repeat of the tech issue we had last weekend, we will then be doing Subject:CINEMA’s Drive-In Summer on time through the Sunday before Labor Day, followed immediately on that holiday by the Rising Stars Honors – that’s September 4th for those of you who wish to mark it on your calendar (and you SHOULD too – we’ve got one HELL of a great list of honorees this year!) !

Thanks for your patience and for continuing to be a fan and a listener and reader over the years – and hey, you know, a little Patreon love would be a big help, and be very appreciated as well! We are in dire need of it right now…::hint hint:: 🙂

See you on the Fourth with Tuesday Digidex and Front Row Five And Ten!

TC Kirkham, Webmaster/Producer, PNRNetworks