We are finally nearing the end of the exhilarating and exhausting 2017 Boston Springs A Fethival season, as the last major fest of the spring,  the Independent Film Festival Boston, is officially underway

It’s Wednesday, and the final night of the fifteenth anniversary IFFB, and time for the closing night film at the Coolidge Corner Theatre.

Festivities get underway at 7:45 PM this evening, with the New England Premiere of a fiim that brought down the house at Sundance, the off the wall comedy-drama Band Aid,

Because the premise of this film is…well…kinda weird, I won’t be able to do it justice – here’s the official synopsis from the IFFB Website, which is also taken from the Sundance website:

Married couple Anna and Ben fight constantly. It doesn’t help that they’ve each come to a standstill in their careers, or that, together, they’ve suffered a heartbreak neither wants to face. But one day they come up with a brilliant idea they actually agree on: Why not start a band and use their arguments as songwriting inspiration? Almost as soon as they dig out their old electric guitars from the garage, their musical partnership starts to jell, but it soon becomes apparent this is only a temporary distraction from their real problems.

Ooookkkaaayyyy….you can’t beat that offbeat premise.  Director/star Zoe Lister-Jones is expected to be present tonight, and will have a conversation with The Boston Globe‘s Meredith Goldstein after the screening. You can still get tickets here.

Remember, IFFB frequently sells out of many of the films it screens, and there are RUSH lines at the venue the night of the screening in case you miss out on early ticketing and want to snag any tickets that become available at the last minute. And for info all at once on all the films, check out the IFFB official website!

And with tonight’s screening, that will do it for the 2017 edition of IFFB, and it also means, as IFFB is the FINAL festival of the season, the fat lady has sung….LALAAAAAAAA!!!—and the 2017 Boston Springs A Fethival season is officially OVER!  Well, ALMOST – there’s one more thing to go, and IFFB, as it’s commonly known, will be a HUGE part of it – it’s  Subject:CINEMA‘s annual “Boston Springs A Fethival” Double Feature weekend on May 20-21 – two HUGE podcasts devoted entirely to the Boston spring festival circuit – NINE festival, 2 Film series, over 200 films between them….you definitely will NOT want to miss those shows!