BOSTON SPRINGS A FETHIVAL 2017: Turkish Film Festival Day 10

The 2017 Boston Turkish Film Festival, part of the overall Boston Turkish Festival, continues today at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and will run through this weekend with it’s final slate of films, and will be followed  by a series of concerts and recitals the following week. BTFF is unique among the BSAF season as it is split over a number of days and several weeks of programming, and eCinemaBoston is where you want to be to get the lowdown on what’s going on with films that celebrate Turkish filmmakers.

Only one film is on tap today, the North American premiere of the multi-award-winning drama Rauf , from directors Baris Kaya and Soner Kaner. Here’s the info from the BTFF Website:

Rauf is the story of nine-year-old Rauf, who lives in a rural village under the shadow of an invisible endless, war. Rauf embarks on a journey to find the color pink for the girl he has fallen in love with – who happens to be the 20-year-old daughter of the carpenter he works for as an apprentice. For Rauf, pink is the color of the love of his dreams, of the courage to hope, of the peace he has never seen. The quest for pink begins with his wish to make her smile. But his experiences in a grey world will teach him lessons in black and white.

As always, today’s screening take place at the Museum of Fine Arts. Today’s film is at the Remis Auditorium; the screening takes place at 7 PM. Tickets for today and all the films being presented can be purchased at the MFA website. And don’t forget to check out BTFF’s official website for complete info on all the films coming up!

The Boston Turkish FIlm Festival will run through Sunday, so bBe sure to check in with eCinemaBoston each day for film and schedule information. And don’t forget – coverage of the festival will be a part of Subject:CINEMA‘s “Boston Springs A Fethival” two-show super weekend May 20-21 at eCinemaBoston and parent site eCinemaOne…don’t miss it!

See you with more from BTFF tomorrow morning!