PODCAST: Subject:CINEMA #525 – “Subject:CINEMA’S TENTH ANNIVERSARY – The Pantheon Part 3 – June 19 2016

sc15012Subject:CINEMA #525 – “Subject:CINEMA’S TENTH ANNIVERSARY – The Pantheon Part 3 – June 19 2016

THIS WEEK: Subject:CINEMA is TEN YEARS OLD! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAAYAY!! And we continue a month long celebration with TC and Kim’s first Pantheon Films update in five years!  This week, in part three, we’ll hear films 20-11!

TC and Kim’s comments on the trio of tragedies in Orlando this past week
Coverage of the controversy at the premiere of the indie doc “Tickled” in Los Angeles on Friday
Reviews of “Finding Dory” and the short “Piper”

(EDITORS NOTE: Although we had finished recording this week’s show earlier in the weekend, I was still editing the show when the shocking news of Anton Yelchin’s death in a freak accident reached us – please stay tuned AFTER the closing credits of this week’s Pantheon show for a postscript recorded this afternoon about the life and performances of the young actor who was our #1 Male Rising Star in 2008 and our deep feelings about losing this vibrant and uber-talented young man in the prime of his career…it’s a bummer way to end a celebratory show, we know, but this could NOT wait until next weekend…RIP Anton, you will be GREATLY MISSED by both TC and Kim…you were one of the finest actors of your generation…we will say a more proper goodbye with a special tribute on the 11th annual Rising Stars Honors special on Monday, July 4)

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