It’s been ten years…it’s time for another “Summer of Subject:CINEMA”

sc15011Back a few years ago, on our podcast Subject:CINEMA, we continually made reference to the summer months being the “Summer of Subject:CINEMA” – it was a campaign to raise awareness of the show, and grow our listenership.

Although the summer didn’t work out the way we had foreseen it being due to some personal issues, our listeners didn’t let us down – they passed the word, and the show grew by about 30% listenership over the summer.

So now, as Subject:CINEMA prepares to celebrate TEN YEARS on the podcast airwaves next month – making S:C the second oldest film podcast on the internet – we’re getting ready to launch our second “Summer of Subject:CINEMA“.  And we’ve got a lot of great stuff going on throughout the summer months…and we’re kicking it off two weeks before the summer months officially begin…

May 21-22 2016Subject:CINEMA # 521 and Subject:CINEMA #522 – “The Sixth Annual “Boston Springs A Fethival”!  – these two shows are two of our biggest shows of the year! Coverage of NINE festivals, THREE film series, and a few other goodies as well, with over a dozen film reviews, an overview of each festival, and our take on the vibrant Boston film scene. PLUS – a HUGE “Boston Springs A Fethival” PDF, with links to all the local fests, tons of  films, and more – This is one of our biggest and most anticipated shows each year, and it’s worth it, believe me!

Then in June 2016, Subject:CINEMA celebrates ten years on the air with special features and presentations all throughout the month of June. Subject:CINEMA 523-526 will be a four part celebration, and each week, TC and Kim will update their Personal Pantheon lists for the first time in five years – we’ll count part of them down every week:

Films 50-36  Subject:CINEMA #523, June 5 2015

Films 35-21  Subject|:CINEMA #524, June 12 2016

Films 20-11  Subject:CINEMA #525  June 19 2016

Films 10-1   Subject:CINEMA #526  June 26 2016

Each show will also feature reflections on ten years of S:C, letters and voicemails from listeners, tributes to our best films of each year, and more – it is going to be a lot of fun, and a true celebration thanking our loyal listeners for keeping us around for TEN AMAZING YEARS!

Monday, July 4 2016 – Subject:CINEMA #527 – The 11th Annual eCinemaOne Rising Star Honors

It’s almost that time of year again – eCinemaOne is once again taking stock of some of the top young performers in the entertainment industry and on the 4th of July, we’ll name this years 10 male and 10 female honorees!  Our track record on this over the past decade has been pretty damn good – over 80% of honorees are consistently working in the industry, and some of them have gone on to become big names, including Idris Elba, Keira Knightly, Kristen Stewart, Emile Hirsch, Lake Bell, Josh Hutcherson, Mia Wasikowska, Tye Sheridan, Thomas Mann, John Boyega, and Chloe Grace Moretz, just to name a few!  Plus, as always, this year’s honors will be accompanied by a PDF Magazine announcing the honorees!

July 13 2016 – Subject:CINEMA presents “Front Row Five And Ten”

One of Subject:CINEMA’s most fun segments is spinning off into its own fun weekly show!! Our first full-time spinoff since “Three Minute Weekend” debuted nearly two years ago, FR5&10 will feature either one 10 spot or two 5 spot countdowns each week, and can be any kind of film topic under the sun – we know we’re going to have fun doing it, and we’re sure you’re going to have fun listening to it as well!

July 17 2016 – Subject:CINEMA #529 – “The First Annual Summer Fethival Sizzle!”

Our newest entry in our annual series of “Fethival” shows, the summer Fethival entry will focus on the films that came out at Tribeca, Los Angeles, and Cannes, along with several other summer season festivals!

Of course, there will also be regular editions of Subject:CINEMA throughout the summer as well, every Sunday evening (except for May 29, when we are taking a planned week off), so be sure to check it out.

Now, it won’t be just Subject:CINEMA that will be celebrating our tenth anniversary – the celebration is also giving us a chance to redo a lot of our connected websites as well. In early June, eCinemaOne and it’s sister site eCinemaBoston will both be debuting brand new websites, and in doing so, two of our other sites, Indie Film Spotlight and Save Our Screens, will be merged into eCinemaOne, becoming a part of that site.

My music site, The Kirkham Report, will also undergo a bit of a transformation – we will be reintroducing traditional internet radio to the brand, as well as launching a new weekly chart and also continuing to offer up a host of Spotify-based playlist channels.  All new revived versions of our long running film oriented radio stations – Marquee Mix, Marquee Classics, and Marquee Scores –  will be re-introduced over the course of the summer as part of eCinemaOne and eCinemaBoston as well.

There’s even more to come down the summer a piece, and i’ll bring it into focus later this summer. We hope you’ll enjoy all our improvments and changes, and that it will make your visits to eCinemaOne and eCinema Boston, as well as listening to Subject:CINEMA, more fun than ever before!