BOSTON SPRINGS A FETHIVAL: Wicked Queer Boston LGBT Film Festival, Day Eight

12814253_10153350323305759_7539237942467518030_nAs we start the trip into the final weekend of Wicked Queer: Boston LGBT Film Festival,  there are three screenings this evening, plus a chance to party with other film fans.

Here’s today’s schedule; as always, click on the title for more on the film (or party) and for ticket info:

5:30 PM Slander Production Cocktail Party (Abigails)

7:00 PM First Girl I Loved (Brattle Theatre)

7:30 PM I Promise You Anarchy (Museum of Fine Arts)

9:00 PM  Me, Myself And Her (Brattle Theatre)

More great films tomorrow, and we’ll have the rundown tomorrow morning. And don’t forget that Wicked Queer will be a part of Subject:CINEMA‘s huge annual “Boston Springs A Fethival” podcasts the weekend of May 21 – ALL of the festivals in MetroBoston that we can cover in two shows – that’s NINE festivals, folks – and a HUGE PDF magazine with tons of links and information about all the films that land our picks. Don’t miss it!