BOSTON SPRINGS A FETHIVAL: Hold on to your hats…Boston Underground Film Festival, Day Two

BUFF18 posterWow, Boston Underground Film Festival 2016 got off to a rousing and packed start last night with two terrific films, The Lure (we were there for that one, and it was AWESOME!) and Belladonna of Sadness (the crowd waiting for this one was one of the biggest crowds I’ve ever seen at the Brattle).

Tonight, two more features – one premiere and one classic –  and a selection of shorts is going to make for a busy and fun night tonight! Click on the selections below for full info and ticket purchase information:

5:30 PM Homegrown Horror (shorts from New England)

7:45 PM  Kill Your Friends (playing with short film Trust)

9:45 PM Wendigo (filmmaker Larry Fessenden in attendance)

All screenings today are at the Brattle Theater, Cambridge.

A bit about the ambience at BUFF if I may…BUFF prides itself in being subversive, and that’s why they do so well, I think.  Sometimes they DO go a bit overboard (such as a vendor manager wearing a tee that says “Satan is my Spirit Animal” during Holy Week, which is likely to offend some people, and knowing that’s exactly what was intended) but overall, the people that run the festival make it a blast.

Only BUFF would bring in a film as messed up and as glorious as The Lure, an 80’s set vampire/mermaid comic horror romance disco musical (you can’t make this up folks) that the entire audience appeared to truly love – the messed up severly skewed musical version of Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Little Mermaid” had everyone enjoying the beautiful young leads (who thankfully are NOT as young as they appear…phew!) and the story around it. The entire vibe was electric, the word-of-mouth buzz full of praise for the film. And that’s the kind of vibe that you naturally get from this awesomely weird and wonderful festival.

If you’ve never experienced BUFF first hand, there’s still four days and nearly a dozen films and shows that are to come, so take a second to experience it…you won’t be sorry…

More Friday morning, as BUFF swings into the weekend…be here for complete schedules and more!