S:C To address Oscar controversy and solutions on this week’s special show

sc15011Subject:CINEMA will devote this weekend’s show to its take on the now-combustible debate about Oscar and diversity. Host TC Kirkham spoke out on the same subject last year, taking complainers to task about a subject where he feels diversity should NOT play a forced, deliberate role. Kirkham and co-host Kim Brown will discuss the controversy, the reaction, the new rules the Academy have laid out, and the members’ reaction to it. Subject:CINEMA #511 – “Oscars: Controversy and Contrast” will be available Sunday, January¬† 24, 2016, at around 8 PM ET.

Also, don’t forget that the long running film podcast, now in its tenth anniversary year, is just a week away from the tenth anniversary edition of its annual rundown of the highly-influential January/February film festival circuit. Subject:CINEMA #512 – “The 10th Annual Fethival of Film Fethivals!” will be available on Sunday, January 31st, featuring coverage and picks from all of January and February’s major festivals, including Sundance, Slamdance, Palm Springs, Santa Barbara, Victoria, True/False, and Berlinale – at around 8 PM ET. This show, as always, will come with a downloadable PDF companion with links to all the festivals and the chosen films within – usually a GREAT guide to over 100 films a year – don’t forget to grab it as well.