SOOOO…before we were so RUDELY interrupted…

So, let me tell you how our weeks have gone by with NOTHING happening…

This is the worst F**KING time of year for us to get knocked out, but that’s exactly what has happened. We still have no cable service, internet only via WiFi through Xfinity or hotspot, and no phone.

We do have our new place, though. We were a week late moving in, actually taking residence on December 7. And I STILL haven’t finished cleaning up the junk at the old homestead – that will take place this morning. Our move was HELL but in the long run has been worth it. We love our new place, we cut back on the crap we had collected, and things are slowly coming together. I’ll post some pix of the new place over the weekend if I can.

In the time we’ve been off line and off the podcast airwaves, Sundance and Palm Springs have announced their lineups, all the year end awards have started, nominations announced and so on, and we are pretty much stuck. This move cost us more than double what we planned on, and so we’re pretty much broke for the next month. No Christmas for us, but we have planned a special New Years’ Eve, so that’s at least something.

We will get back to life – slowly – over the course of the next week. Kim still has two episodes of her show to watch before she can do a new Platinum Roses’ Garden, but more on that in a moment. Subject:CINEMA will return this weekend – I think- with mostly catch up reviews, and then it’s time for our top tens and the 11th annual Poppies and Rosies Awards…everything else planned for December has gone out the window. Including this year’s Fall Fehtival Fiethta – sorry…And Mirrorball Mayhem and Three Minute Weekend will also return soon – the former with the 21st season Ballies and the latter with weekly coverage again.

The reason for all our troubles – in a word – “Comcast”. Because we had to postpone our move, we had to postpone the cable switchover, and everything has gone to hell from there. We didn’t get installation at our new place until this past Monday. They came and installed the fancy-ass new X1 Platform system. Which worked for 24 hours. And then died. Completely. We haven’t been able to access TV or internet via our set up since. They can’t seem to figure out what went wrong from their end. And the earliest they can do anything about it – that is send a technician in to check it out –  is December 26th. ARRRRGGGGGHHHH!!!!

Needless to say, we were counting on catching up on OnDemand, and that’s gone out the window for the next week. Maybe Kim can catch up online but she hates doing that, and so we’ll have to wait and see.

Hopefully by Sunday (12/20) we will be getting back on line on a regular basis and get coverage rolling again, get back to business as usual, and I hope to BLOODY HELL that 2016 will be a much better year…

See you this weekend, thanks for your patience and understanding!