Subject:CINEMA’s “Boston Springs A Fethival” special delayed one week

sc1501Hi folks!

After discussing things, because of time issues over the past few days, Kim and I have decided to postpone our big “Boston Springs A Fethival” show until next week. Why? Because, quite frankly, we’re not finished screening all the fantastic films we want to include in the show. It is our goal to make this show the biggest and best “Boston Springs A Fethival” show EVER!  And to do so, we want to make sure everything is just right!

Having an additional week to prepare means we will be able to include more of the films from the Boston Festival circuit on the show itself. It means that our companion PDF magazine-style booklet will be even bigger and better, with more films and links than you can shake a stick at.

We know that this special is going to be huge – that more people and more filmmakers than ever before are going to be listening to the show and reading our BASF companion magazine. And quite frankly, we want to show all of them that it was worth it!

So return here next Sunday when Subject:CINEMA returns with our Fifth annual “Boston Springs A Fethival” show and see why this extra week will make all the difference!


TC N Kim