IFFB 2015 starts TOMORROW – Are you ready for the festing?

2015home-hero1So, this year’s Independent Film Festival of Boston gets underway tomorrow, and we’re excited!!! I just wish we were feeling a little better – Kim is getting over a horrendous cold, and I think I’m finally catching it. But we will be there come hell or high water, and be checking out the list of fantastic films coming each day.

Now, deciding what we’re going to be able to go to, and what we’ll have to pass on for now due to other considerations has been very difficult, indeed – this year’s lineup is top notch and it shows in every way. But we plan to make a number of films over the course of the festival – I wish it were more – and make the most of what we see.

If you haven’t got an IFFB Badge yet…you’re out of luck for the Film Badges; they’re officially sold out. However, if you’ve got $400 to spare, there are the Chrome badges still available, and in addition to all the films, they also get you into all the parties (proper id required, kids…).

For badgeholders, there’s something new this year – their own line. Badgeholders will be lining up along the boxoffice this year instead of around with the ticketholders on the other side of Mr. Crepe, which if you are hungry and need a quick bite, is a great place to find one – they make incredible food in there. Anyway, officially the line will be next to the brick wall of the Davis Square T Station. Ticketholders will still be on the other end.

Now, as far as eCinemaBoston coverage goes…every day, we’ll kick off with an IFFB Daily Trailer – trailers from selected films at this year’s fest. Then about 10 AM on weekdays, and 9 AM on Saturday and Sunday, we’ll have the FULL schedule for you for each days’ events. What is playing, where it’s playing (Somerville, Brattle, or Coolidge), and when it’s playing. If you see an asterisk by the name of the film, it means that Kim and TC are planning to attend that particular screening that day -we’ll be there most days for at least a film or two. We’ll also let you know if the film has sold out in advance as based on the reports from the official IFFB website, which is at http://iffboston.org – be sure to check it out for all the latest information.

Incidentally, IFFB has a donor or two willing to match whatever they can make in the next few days – here’s the complete info from the IFFB newsletter:

A festival challenge for you: DOUBLE YOUR SUPPORT

Hi, film fans.

So we didn’t think there was anything that could make this year’s festival more exciting, but then the phone rang. A couple of donors called to tell us they’d like to match, dollar-for-dollar, all the donations made by our fans between now and the end of the festival, up to $10,000. Woah.

So now’s your chance. Make a gift to support the incredible films and filmmakers at this year’s festival, and your donation will be doubled. Nothing matches your passion and enthusiasm for great films, but during festival week, we can match your gift. There are three ways to donate:

     •  In person at the festival, starting tomorrow.

     •  By mailing a check to IFFBoston, 441A Highland Ave #403, Somerville, MA 02144

     •  Online at our website: http://iffboston.org
Thanks in advance for helping us get to $10,000 to take full advantage of this challenge match!

So while you’re around this weekend, be sure to help them out – the more money they can raise the larger matching donations!

We’ll see you tomorrow with day one coverage and info – and be sure to keep eCinemaBoston handy for ALL our daily coverage!