SAVE OUR (METRO) SCREENS: Cape Ann Cinema and Stage launches IndieGoGo fundraiser to help save venue

cacsCape Ann Cinema and Stage in Gloucester was hit hard by the Snowmagedden winter in the NorthEast in January and Feburary, and are now in need of their fans help to keep this venue alive.

Departing director Rob Newton sent out a call to action today in the weekly newsletter. Here’s Rob’s letter:

Dearest Friends,

The Cape Ann Cinema & Stage was born in 2008 as The Cape Ann Community Cinema, so named because it served–and continues to serve–the needs of the North Shore community that it proudly calls home. In the comfortable, welcoming, living-room-style Cinema’s lifetime, it has presented thousands of independent and foreign films, hosted scores of filmmakers and special guests, offered legendary musical talent, and now, has just launched a performance Stage for every imaginable theatrical need. With your help, we have become the beautiful butterfly that we always knew we could be.

Now, we need your help to keep flying into the future, and are mounting this 60-day crowdfunding campaign with which to do that.

The money that is raised by way of this campaign will be used in the following ways:
• The first $30,000 will clear our books (and clean up the fiscal fustercluck wrought by this past horrible, horrible winter)
• The 2nd $25,000 will pay back a small portion of the investment of time and money by the CAC&S staff over the last 8 years
• The remaining $20,000 will be gifted to the Cinema’s new management team to do with as they need
• All funds in excess of the campaign goal will seed Zoë Annabelle Austin Newton’s college fund (Moonbase University, Class of 2035)

As a thank you for your support, we offer any of the premiums listed on the right. Also, you can gift any premium to a local non-profit, and mix-and-match donations for a larger premium package.

NOTE: If you would rather donate by check, please make the check to CABI, and send it to: Cape Ann Cinema & Stage * 21 Main Street * Gloucester, MA 01930.

What will happen if we don’t reach our goal?

While we fully intend to bring the campaign to its goal, we will offer the option of full refunds to all donors if we do not reach the goal after the online and offline donations are totaled. If the goal is not met, we will cease operations, liquidate our assets to satisfy our operational debt, and throw one big final party before closing permanently. And if we do reach our goal, we will throw a week of big parties, as a thank you to you all for your continued support of this crazy dream… and as a farewell.

But why, if we reach our goal, a farewell?

Because on June 30, shortly after the conclusion of this campaign, I must, after 8 years and 1500 films, cash out and step away so that I can focus on my health and my family. I’m very sad to go, but I must. I will advise the new management team as I am able, but rest assured that whomever I select for the task will be very well-suited for it, perhaps even more than I have been.

In 2013, we raised the money to upgrade the Cinema’s projection system and install a state-of-the-art performance Stage. Now, with your support and by spreading the word, we can come together and celebrate our community while we insure that this humble movie loft and beloved cultural resource will be available the next generation to enjoy as we do now.

Fly, beautiful butterfly, fly!

MetroBoston, do NOT let this unique indie cinema FAIL! In this economy, and especially after this hard and unbelievable winter –  I know it is hard, but please find it in yourself to visit their IndieGoGo campaign and help them out – . We have SIXTY DAYS to help Rob and company out, and they pulled it off in 2013 for their digital conversion, so we know they can do it again!

Spread the word, and think of it as an investment of sorts – remember, even if you can’t get there yourself, there will ALWAYS be someone there who can enjoy it for you!

To paraphrase one of my favorite goofy comedies – DAMN THE MAN! SAVE THE CAPE ANN!