boston-lgbt-film-festivalAfter a rousing send off at the ICA last evening, the 31st annual Boston LGBT Film Festival heads into it’s first weekend of two with three top notch films for your viewing. But since they are all at different venues at nearly the same time, it’s time for making choices…heh heh heh.

Starting at 7 PM at the Alfond Theater at the Museum of Fine Arts, there’s Liz In September. Here’s the info from the official press release:

Liz has known several things since she was a child: that she is gay, that beauty is power, and that she would never be a victim. Determined to enjoy the time she still has left on earth, she hides her terminal disease from her friends. Eva lost her son to cancer. The pain and guilt she feels has tarnished the relationship with her husband, sinking both into isolation. Heading alone on her vacation, Eva’s car breaks down leaving her stranded on the road. She ends up at Margot’s Inn where she meets Liz and her group of all gay friends. Liz makes a bet that she can seduce the straight newcomer. Against all odds, the encounter between these two opposite women changes their lives, setting new perspectives where love, life, and death, away from any morals, play as simple steps of nature. 

Directed by Fina Torres, the film comes from Venezuela.

Over at the Bright Family Screening Room at the Paramount Theater in Downtown Boston, there’s Hide And Seek:

In an English country house, four young people from London move in together, seeking to challenge social conventions and their own tolerances by engaging in scheduled partner-swapping. The durability of their new living arrangements is tested by the arrival of an outsider who fails to get in tune with the foursome’s radical spirit. An inventive and engaging film that uses an elegant, delicate style to gently probe both the protagonists’ ideals and our own convictions about love and sex

This U.K. film has been on my radar for several months, and I am really looking forward to checking director Joanna Coates’ film out.

Finally, it’s time to head out to Cambridge’s Brattle Theatre at 8 PM for Winning Dad:

Colby’s dad knows his son is gay, but he doesn’t like talking about it. He respects it, but ignores everything about that aspect of his son’s life–he doesn’t even know about Colby’s long-term boyfriend, Rusty. Increasingly committed to Rusty, Colby hatches a plan to trick his father into camping with Rusty under the pretense that Rusty is Colby’s straight friend and future business partner. Colby is convinced that, given the chance, his father and his boyfriend will get along great…

Arthur Allen’s dramedy has also been on my radar for a while, so I’m looking forward to checking this one out too.

Like I said, hard choices. But three worthy films, so no matter which one you get to, chances are very good you will have a great experience.

Things kick into high gear on Saturday and we’ll have the full rundown for you tomorrow morning. In the meantime, visit the festival’s official site at for full schedules, more film info, and lots of background on MetroBoston’s oldest film festival!