BOSTON SPRINGS A FETHIVAL: Boston Underground Film Festival – Day Three

egCAplMnDay three of the Boston Underground Film Festival gets underway tonight at the Brattle Theatre in Cambridge.

It will kick off with some local flavor, as all the shorts in tonights package, Homegrown Horror, were shot in and around the Boston area. Homegrown Horror screens beginning at 5:45.

A truly innovative centerpiece in the opening feature slot tonight; here’s what BUFF’s website says about I Am A Knife With Legs:

Seven years in the making, I Am Knife With Legs is a testament to its writer-star-composer-producer Jones’s powerful singularity of vision: Developing the character of Bené through stand-up routines, Jones’s feature treatment breathes life into the inimitable Europop sensation as you are jettisoned through the hyper-strange, melodic, WTFunny world inside his head.

Ummm…yeaaaahhhhh…seriously, though, cant’ wait to check it out. It screens at 7:45.

Next up, the New England premiere of Bloody Knuckles. Again, from the website:

When obscene comic book artist Travis targets prominent Chinatown crime boss Mr. Fong in one of his issues, Fong punishes him by severing his drawing hand. Travis sinks into alcoholic despair…until his hand shows up to exact bloody revenge, prompting him to take back control of his life.

It’s best described as “splatter comedy”, and screens at 9:45 PM.

This year’s Friday night Midnight movie is Remedy, about the world of dommes in S&M play. The thriller, directed by Cheyenne Picardo (her first feature – and what a debut it’s said to be), will have any preconcieved “Fifty Shades of Grey” shit out of the way in the first ten minutes of the story, no doubt. The film, another New England premiere, screens at 11:59 PM (oh HONESTLY – it’s a Midnight movie…duh…)

More is on the horizon for the weekend – full days of mayhem like only BUFF can deliver. Be sure to check their official website out – it’s at And we’ll have complete schedules for you tomorrow and Sunday, plus reviews of a number of the films also debuting right here on eCB this weekend!