BOSTON SPRINGS A FETHIVAL: Boston Underground Film Festival – Day One

egCAplMnWanna get your freak on? In the mood for some real weirdness? Then you are in luck, my fellow moviegoer – the 17th annual Boston Underground Film Festival kicks off tonight at Cambridge’s Brattle Theatre!  BUFF can always be counted on for some real gems, and also some utter craziness, and this year is no exception – they’ve got some real interesting titles lined up for your Undeground enjoyment!

The evening, and the festival, will kick off tonight with the latest feature from  the absolutely insane folks who have brought you some truly bizarre and fun entertainment over the years, including the cult hit Manborg (if you’ve never seen this film, you don’t know what you’re missing – it is an utter SCREAM!). Now,  Astron 6 presents their latest, The Editor, which is a parody of/homage to what fans refer to as “Eurotrash”  Italian Giallo films from the 1970s – no doubt there will be plenty of horror, plenty of blood, over the top nudity, and PLENTY of hysterical laughs.  As the press for BUFF says, it hits that sweet spot between and derision – something that the Astron 6 team are experts at.  And the Astron team has assembled a top notch cast for this one – starring Paz de la Huerta, Samantha Hill, Laurence R. Harvey, and Udo Kier- WOW!  The New England Premiere of The Editor screens at 7:30 PM.

Following up on opening night is one of those films you have to see to believe – and because of circumstances, was many many years getting completed. Here’s how BUFF’s website put it:

Gone with the Pope stars Duke Mitchell as Paul, a gangster with an unholy scheme: to kidnap the pope and charge “a dollar from every Catholic in the world” as the ransom. Shot in 1975 as Kiss the Ring, Gone with the Pope was unfinished at the time of Duke Mitchell’s death in 1981.

Rediscovered by the late Sage Stallone and Grindhouse Releasing’s Bob Murawski in 1995, nearly two decades have gone into putting the film together in a way that star Duke Mitchell would have been proud of. Gone With The Pope will screen at 9:45 PM+

eCB will have reviews of both of these films later this week, and we’ll have a daily update for you every morning throughout the festival.

Oh yeah, almost forgot – the OPENING NIGHT PARTY is also tonight – check the BUFF website for more info.  And what is that website, you may be asking?  Why, it’s, of course! They’ve got all the info on ALL the films, all the shorts, and more, so be sure to check them out! And don’t forget our sister site eCinemaOne will be focusing on ALL the spring Boston festivals on its annual “Boston Springs A Fethival” Subject:CINEMA podcast in early May!