Subject:CINEMA #446 – The 9th Annual Rising Stars Honors List!” – July 6 2014

sc15011Subject:CINEMA #446 – “The 9th Annual PNR Rising Stars Honors!” – July 6 2014

We are a couple of days late with our annual Rising Stars Honors list, and we apologize – its been a combination of issues with our new production computer and weather-related issues; wasn’t our idea to have a heatwave and then Hurricane Arthur speed through the area, ya know…heh heh heh.

Now, in addition to this week’s show, we’ll be posting a TON of stuff this week – watch for the Subject:CINEMA PNR 2014 Rising Stars Honors PDF booklet and a lot of video stuff (including our video announcements – one each for male and female honorees) coming throughout the week.

But for now, sit back and relax, and find out the 20 young performers named to this year’s Rising Stars Honors List!

Want tons of info on this weeks’ show, including links to the topics therein and more? Then Download this week’s Subject:CINEMA PLUS extended notes NOW! (this feature will be up later this week)
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