iffb2014Things are beginning to wind down as the 2014 Independent Film Festival of Boston comes to a close later this week, but there are still several more films to check out tonight, as well as tomorrow and Wednesday. Tonight includes several area premieres that you won’t want to miss, even though we have to, due to prior commitments.

For complete info on the films, tickets, and the festival itself, check out the official website at Also, please note that when a film is noted as “sold out”, indicated by an asterisk (*), that doesn’t necessarily mean it is actually sold out – it means that advanced tickets are sold out, and if you want to try and snag tickets, there are RUSH lines at both the Somerville and The Brattle for last minute sales if they’re available!

Monday’s Schedule:

Brattle Theatre, Cambridge

7 PM  The Supreme Price
9:15 PM  The Sacrament

Somerville Theatre, Somerville

Theater 1
7 PM  Dear White People
9:45 PM Wild Canaries

Theatre 2
7 PM The Case Against 8
9:30 PM Wicker Kittens

Theatre 3
7:15 PM  Locke
9:45 PM  Shorts c – Documentary

Theatre 4
7:15 PM Shorts A – Documentary
9:15 PM Shorts D – Documentary

Theatre 5

8 PM  The Internet’s Own Boy – The Story of Aaron Swartz*

Tomorrow and Wednesday, IFFB ’14 moves lock stock and barrel to the Coolidge Corner Theatre in Brookline for three more incredible films – we’ll have the rundown on those tomorrow.

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