iffboston2014It is Day Three of the 2014 Independent Film Festival of Boston, and the schedule continues to churn out an amazing number of critically acclaimed films worthy of your attention!

For complete info on the films, tickets, and the festival itself, check out the official website at

Friday’s Schedule:

Brattle Theatre, Cambridge

7 PM  Every Evertything
9:45  Fat (Sold Out)

Somerville Theatre, Somerville

Theater 1
7:30 PM  Boyhood

Theatre 2
7:15 PM  Project Wild Thing
9:15 PM  Rubber Soul

Theatre 3
7 PM  Shorts Series B – Documentary
9:45 PM  Ping Pong Summer

Theatre 4
7 PM   Big Significant Things
9:30 Shorts Series D – Documentary

Theatre 5
7:15 PM  The Search For General Tso (Sold Out)
9:45 PM  Palo Alto (Sold Out)

This will be our first night to the fest this year – we had prior committments on Wednesday and Thursday, but word of mouth about nearly every film has been unbelievably good all over Facebook and Twitter…and speaking of Twitter, don’t forget to retweet our daily reports to your friends – eCinemaBoston and IndieFilmSpotlight will be bringing you daily schedules, picks, and reports throughout the IFFB – and a note to TPTB @ IFFB; retweets from YOU would be really sweet, since this is your festival -c’mon, show us some retweet love, Brian and Company!:-)  Oh yeah, don’t forget to “Like” us on Facebook too!

And don’t miss our Complete Wrapup of the 2014 festival scene in Boston – our Fourth Annual “Boston Springs A Fethival” special comes to Subject:CINEMA on Sunday, May 11!