BOSTON SPRINGS A FETHIVAL: Boston LGBT Film Festival – Closing Night

The 30th Annual Boston LGBT Film Festival comes to a close today and you can bet that the films showing on this last day are going be nearly impossible to choose between! You can check out full descriptions at the festival’s official website,

Last night, I made my first trip to the MFA’s Remis Auditorium to catch the Boston premiere of the latest film from Canadian wunderkind Xavier Dolan, “Tom At The Farm“. As I said yesterday, I have been waiting for this film since Venice last year, and it was #1 on my Must See films list for 2014. And I have to say, the film didn’t disappoint at all. Dolan’s style and direction channels the late, great Alfred Hitchcock in this, the first film he didn’t also write – it’s based on the play by Michel Marc Bouchard, and the film version also won the FIPRESCI Prize when it screened in Venice. The thriller stars Dolan as Tom, a young man whose partner has recently died, and he heads to the Canadian countryside to attend his funeral only to discover that his family apparently knew nothing about his lifestyle or his life in the city. He quickly gets caught up in a dangerous cat and mouse game with his late partner’s older brother, who knows more than he lets on. It’s a taut and explosive thrill ride from almost the first minute, with liberal doses of humor that had the entire audience cracking up. There is no doubt Dolan has a REAL WINNER with this dark and foreboding film – the audience seemed to enjoy it quite a bit, and a lot of buzz afterward was very exciting. Now if Dolan can only find an American distributor for the film, he’ll have it made…

Now that all that’s out of the way, let’s get to the closing day schedules:

Remis Auditorum @ Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

1:30 PM  Through A Lens Darkly: Black Photographers and the Emergence Of A People

4 PM Salvation Army

Brattle Theatre, Cambridge

2 PM  International Program (shorts)

4 PM  Two Mothers

6 PM  Honeymoon

8 PM  Boys

Bright Family Screening Room, Arts/Emerson Paramount Center, Boston

2 PM  TransFacets (Shorts)

4 PM  Men Behaving Badly (shorts)

6 PM  Tattoo

8 PM  Dual

There is also a closing night celebration happening @ Dyle Night at The Machine nightclub in Boston

eCinemaBoston and IndieFilmSpotlight has enjoyed bringing you daily schedules and coverage throughout the festival, and we’ll be here througout the next several weeks with features and schedules for most of the Boston Springs A Fethival movie season!