BOSTON SPRINGS A FETHIVAL – Boston LGBT Film Festival, Day 3

The 30th Annual Boston LGBT Film Festival is in full swing this weekend, with multiple screenings in multiple locations, and you can bet that the films are going to be hard to choose between!

Because of the number of films we are only doing a calendar today and tomorrow, and invite you to check out the full descriptions at the fest’s official website,

Here we go!

Brattle Theatre, Cambridge

1 PM – Queer Activism

3 PM – The Circle

5 PM – Kidnapped For Christ (we are a Kickstarter backer of this film)

7 PM – Drunktown’s Finest

9:30 PM – Drag Shorts

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

1:30 PM – Men In Shorts

4 PM – Floating Skyscrapers

6 PM – My Straight Son

Bright Family Screening Room, Arts/Emerson Paramount Center, Boston @ Downtown Crossing


5 PM – The New Black

7 PM – Women’s Shorts

9 PM – Valencia The Movie/S

What a great lineup being offered, and multiple shorts programs means lots of smaller films with a variety of interests.

eCinemaBoston and IndieFilmSpotlight will be bringing you daily schedules and coverage throughout the festival, which runs through Saturday April 12.

It was a blast getting to attend the World Premiere of “Boy Meets Girl” last evening at the Bright Family Screening Room @ Arts/Emerson Paramount Center. Director/Writer Eric Schaeffer was on hand and led a great Q& A after the screening with co-stars Michelle Hendley and Alexandria Turshen on hand to participate. Although I was a  bit disappointed that the film’s male lead, PNR 2009 #1 Male Rising Star Michael Welch, was unable to attend due to a scheduling conflict, getting the chance to meet and speak with first-time actress Hendley and her on-screen compatriot Turshen as well as director Schaeffer was fantastic. And so is the film – let me be upfront here (a full review will show up on Subject:CINEMA in the next few weeks) – when this film hits theaters, it must be timed just right. EVERYTHING about this film is Oscar-caliber – the writing, the directing, the cinematography, the acting – everything. To whatever distributor eventually picks it up, I must implore you – whether it’s this year or next, PLEASE Release “Boy Meets Girl” during Awards season, and do NOT give it a pissant release. The film has the potential to be another “Dallas Buyers Club” when it comes to awards, so please Please PLEASE do NOT be shy with this film – go for the Gold! This film touched both of us so much, and its wonderful story, and what it can mean to millions of people who feel different out there, can be a real amazing experience.