BOSTON SPRINGS A FETHIVAL – Boston LGBT Film Festival, Day Two

The 30th Annual Boston LGBT Film Festival is running through Saturday April 12 at various locations throughout the greater Boston area. Day two offers four interesting films at three different locations – oh, decisions, decisions! Here’s a little about all three, descriptions from the Boston LGBT Film Festival program, which you can download in all its colorful glory HERE! BOY MEETS GIRL – World Premiere 7 PM @ Bright Family Screening Room, Arts/Paramount Theater Boy Meets Girl is a sexy, romantic coming of age comedy about three twenty year-olds living in Kentucky. Robby (Michael Welch, Twilight) and Ricky, a gorgeous transgender woman and childhood friend, have never dated.  Lamenting the lack of bachelors, Ricky considers dating a girl. In walks Francesca, a beautiful woman waiting for her Marine fiance to return from the war. Ricky and Francesca strike up a friendship, and maybe a little more, which forces Robby to face his true feelings for Ricky. This is a fun sex/human positive modern fable. (Side note: Michael Welch was PNR/eCinemaOne’s #1 Male Rising Star in 2009, so naturally we can’t wait to check this out!) EVERYBODY HAS SOMEBODY…BUT ME – 7 PM @Allond Auditorium, Museum Of Fine Arts, Boston A young woman runs towards a parked car. Inside is her secret lover. They embrace passionately. We’re at the beginning of the all-consuming love affair between Alejandra and her lover Maria. For Alejandra, Maria becomes an inspiration in her work. Younger and wilder, can Maria live up to Alejandra’s expectations and does Maria really want a relationship? Beautifully shot in black and white, this is a sensual film with wry touches of humor. THE TEN YEAR PLAN – World Premiere – 7 PM @ Brattle Theatre, Cambridge Myles (Jack Turner) and Brody (Michael Adam Hamilton) are best friends with two very different ways of finding love. Displeased with their current love lives, they make a pact to be together, if neither finds love in ten year’s time. Now two month’s shy of their deadline, both friend’s set off to do whatever it takes to avoid ending up as each other’s last resort. THE COMEDIAN – 9:30 PM @ Brattle Theatre, Cambridge Ed is at a crossroads in his life. His unrewarding job is getting more frustrating and his career as a stand-up is not taking off. In fact, he’s starting to acknowledge he might not be a very good comedian. His love life begins to look promising when he meets artist Nathan, a gorgeous younger man. Yet Ed’s feelings are conflicted when he is drawn to his female flatmate. The Comedian is a funny and touching, presenting characters who are recognizable and real. So there you have the four films for tonight – it’s up to YOU to choose which one is the film for you!