BOSTON SPRINGS A FETHIVAL: Boston Underground Daily – Opening Night

boston-underground-film-festival-1_s345x230Hey Kiddies – it’s that time of year again! The 16th annual Boston Underground Film Festival gets underway this evening @ The Brattle Theatre in Cambridge!  Check out eCinemaBoston and Indie Film Spotlight for daily schedules and coverage throughout the festival, which runs through this Sunday.

The festivities kick off this evening with the Toronto Film Festival favorite ALL CHEERLEADERS DIE!  The description from the website reads:

When outcast Maddy secures a spot on Blackfoot High’s cheerleading squad through hilariously tragic circumstances, she uses her newfound position to gain petty revenge for the death of her BFF Lexi, whose untimely demise set the stage for Maddy’s cheerleading coup. When things inevitably go too far, resulting in circumstances even more tragic (read: higher body count), Maddy’s occult-obsessed ex Leena revives the recently deceased cheerleaders whose undead bloodlust favors the popular-kid variety.

Another film in the comic slasher parody vein, the pedigree behind it is a bit more impressive, with directors Lucky McKee and Chris Sivertson having extensive indie cred from their previous films.

Also appearing this evening is a 40th anniversary screening of the cult classic japanese nunsplotation film SCHOOL OF THE HOLY BEAST.

Again from the website:

A young nun seeks to uncover the dark secrets of the Sacred Heart Convent in this nunsploitation classic. School of the Holy Beast is as blasphemous and shocking as it is artistically stunning.

In other words, good Catholic girls should probably NOT show up for this screening, heh heh heh…

The schedule today:

7:30 PM  All Cheerleaders Die

9:45  PM  School of the Holy Beast

10:00 PM Opening Night Party @ Zuzu (21+, free for passholders, Twin Peaks “Red Room” Theme)

For more info on the films, the festival itself, or for ticket info, visit the official website at