Somerville Theatre launches Centennial Celebration January 31

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Somerville Theater logoIn this day of studios pooh-poohing classic film venues and going all digital, It’s rare that a classic theatre manages make it to the age of 100, but the Somerville Theatre in Somerville is doing just that. They have been providing the area with entertainment for 100 years this year, and the venue is celebrating with a Centennial Celebration, featuring movie classics, musical acts, live stage, and more.  Manager Ian Judge has graciously provided us with a complete schedule for their Centennial Celebration – tickets can be purchased at the venue website, which is at


Fri JAN 31st: “Queen of the Movies“ a selection of Mary Pickford films @8pm.


Sat FEB 1st: W.D. Griffith’s “WAY DOWN EAST” @8pm w/Jeff Rapsis providing live accompaniment.

Sun FEB 2nd: Clara Bow in “WINGS” @ 1pm w/Jeff Rapsis providing live accompaniment.

Thu FEB 6th- Sat FEB 8th: LIVE! “Annie” performed by Somerville High School with performances @7pm Thu & Fri and @2pm Sat.

Sun FEB 9th: LIVE! “All You Need Is Myth” Beatles show @8pm.

Tue FEB 11th: James Cagney in “THE PUBLIC ENEMY” @8pm.

Wed FEB 12th: Howard Hughes’ “SCARFACE” @8pm.

Thu FEB 13th: LIVE! Marc Cohn @8pm.

Fri FEB 14th: Valentine’s Day double feature:  Greta Garbo in “CAMILLE” @8pm;  Audrey Tautou in “AMELIE” @10pm.

Sat FEB 15th: Fay Wray in “KING KONG” @2pm & 8pm.

Sun FEB 16th – Mon FEB 17th: the 39th Boston Science Fiction Film Marathon @noon-noon.

Tue FEB 18th – Thu FEB 20th: Banff Mountain Film Festival @8pm.

Fri FEB 21st: Marx Bros. double feature:  “DUCK SOUP” @8pm;  “A NIGHT AT THE OPERA” @10pm.

Sat FEB 22nd: LIVE! Asaf Avidan @8pm.

Sun FEB 23rd: LIVE! Angelique Kidjo @8pm.

Tue FEB 25th: LIVE! Band of Horses @8pm.

Wed FEB 26th: John Wayne’s “STAGECOACH” @8pm.

Thu FEB 27th: Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers in “TOP HAT” @8pm.

Fri FEB 28th: LIVE! The Wood Brothers @8pm.


Sat MAR 1st & Sun MAR 2nd: double feature:  “CITIZEN KANE” @ 5pm & 9:45pm;  “CASABLANCA” @2:30pm & 7:30pm.

Tue MAR 4th: Orson Welles’ “THE THIRD MAN” @8pm.

Wed MAR 5th & Thu MAR 6th: LIVE! Josh Ritter @7:30pm.

Fri MAR 7th: LIVE! Habib Koite @8pm.

Sat MAR 8th: double feature:  “TREASURE OF THE SIERRA MADRE” @4:30pm & 9:30pm;  “MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS” @2pm & 7pm.

Sun MAR 9th: double feature:  “SUNSET BOULEVARD” @4:30pm & 9:30pm;  “SINGIN’ IN THE RAIN” @2pm & 7pm.

Wed MAR 12th: Orson Welles’ “TOUCH OF EVIL” @8pm.

Thu MAR 13th: Akira Kurosawa’s “SEVEN SAMURAI” @8pm.

Fri MAR 14th: double feature:  “BRIDGE ON THE RIVER KWAI” @6:45pm;  “SOME LIKE IT HOT” @4:30pm & 9:45pm.

Sat MAR 15th: double feature:  “ON THE WATERFRONT” @5pm & 10pm;  “A FACE IN THE CROWD” @2:30pm & 7:30pm.

Sun MAR 16th: Elvis double feature:  “VIVA LAS VEGAS” @2:30pm & 7pm;  “ELVIS: THAT’S THE WAY IT IS” @4:30pm & 9pm.

Thu MAR 20th – Sun MAR 23rd: Irish Film Festival, Boston.

Wed MAR 26th: Alfred Hitchcock’s “PSYCHO” @8pm.

Thu MAR 27th: Jack Lemmon and Shirley Maclaine star in “THE APARTMENT” @8pm.

Fri MAR 28th: LIVE! Masters of Tradition @8pm.

Sat MAR 29th: LIVE! Carolina Chocolate Drops @8pm.

Sun MAR 30th: double feature:  “IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT” @2pm & 6pm;  “HIS GIRL FRIDAY” @4:15pm & 8pm.


Thu APR 3rd: Gregory Peck and Sophia Loren star in “ARABESQUE” @8pm.

Fri APR 4th: LIVE! Johnny Clegg Band @8pm.

Sat APR 5th: double feature:  “TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD” @2pm & 7pm;  “A THOUSAND CLOWNS” @4:15pm & 9:15pm.

Sun APR 6th: double feature:  “DR. STRANGELOVE” @2pm & 6pm;  “EASY RIDER” @4pm & 8pm.

Wed APR 9th: double feature:  “THE DIRTY DOZEN” @7pm;  “BONNIE AND CLYDE” @10pm.

Thu APR 10th: Godfather double feature:  “THE GODFATHER” @5:30pm;  “THE GODFATHER PART II” @9:30pm.

Fri APR 11th: double feature:  Robert De Niro in “TAXI DRIVER” @8pm;  Jane Fonda and Donald Sutherland in “KLUTE” @10pm.

Sat APR 12th: John Travolta double feature:  “GREASE” @2pm & 7pm;  “SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER” @4:15pm & 9:15pm.

Sun APR 13th: double feature:  “THE MUPPET MOVIE” @2pm & 6:30pm;  “THE STING” @4pm & 8:15pm.

Thu APR 17th: Harrison Ford is Indiana Jones in “RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK” @8pm.

Fri APR 18th: double feature:  Martin Scorsese’s “RAGING BULL” @9:30pm;  Dustin Hoffman & Tom Cruise in “RAIN MAN” @7pm.

Sat APR 19th: double feature:  Steven Spielberg’s “E.T.” @2pm & 8pm;  Richard Attenborough’s “GANDHI” @4:30pm.

Sun APR 20th: double feature:  “THE PRINCESS BRIDE” @2pm & 7pm;  “BEETLEJUICE” @4pm & 9pm.

Mon APR 21st: Jodie Foster and Anthony Hopkins in “THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS” @8pm.

Tue APR 22nd: Steven Spielberg’s “JURASSIC PARK” @8pm.

Wed APR 23rd – Mon APR 28th: IFFBoston: Independent Film Festival Boston.


Fri MAY 2nd – Tue MAY 6th: LIVE! The Boston Opera Collaborative presents “Sumeida’s Song” @8pm, additional Saturday show at 3pm.

Wed MAY 7th: double feature:  Clint Eastwood’s “UNFORGIVEN” @7:30pm;  John Sayles’ “LONE STAR” @10pm.

Thu MAY 8th: LIVE! The Wailin’ Jennys @ 8pm.

Fri MAY 9th: triple feature:  “GIMME SHELTER” @6pm;  “THE LAST WALTZ” @8pm;  “STOP MAKING SENSE” @10pm.

Sat MAY 10th: double feature:  “THE DARK KNIGHT” @3pm & 9pm;  “THE DEPARTED” @6pm.

Sun MAY 11th: “THE WIZARD OF OZ” presented with live vaudeville acts and special short subjects. Formal wear is encouraged.

Kim and I both love the Somerville – it is one of our favorite venues in the Boston area. The main theatre has no such thing as a bad seat, and a number of area film festivals must agree, since they regularly use the Somerville as their venue of choice.  The smaller theaters are very comfortable as well. There’s also lots to do in the area of Davis Square, including shops, eateries, and the like, all within a block from the theatre. And it’s just steps – literally – from the Davis Square T stop on the Red Line, which is right next door – turn right coming off the T and then right when you get to the top of the escalator at the station’s entrance and you’ll see the theater just a few steps away.

We congratulate The Somerville Theatre on their 100th anniversary, and hope to see many of you there for the great entertainment during the Centennial Celebration!