2013 Salem Film Fest – Saturday Spotlight

2013-bg-01The 2013 edition of the Salem Film Fest is in full swing and runs through next Thursday, March 14th. The fest has earned it’s reputation for being one of the top documentary festivals in the northeast over the past decade, and this year is no exception. You can check out the entire fest at their official website, http://salemfilmfest.com

Saturday has cleared up from yesterday’s snowstorm, and Kim and I are on the ground in Salem and will try to take in several films today. And there’s something for everyone too – serious, funny, for the kids…you want it, they got it today. The weekend is when the fest really gets going, because there are so many films to choose from. As always, many of the films will feature Q&A’s with the filmmakers following the screenings.

Here’s the Saturday schedule, by venue – shows will expand to the National Park Service Visitor Center and Peabody Essex Museum today as well as the shows at CinemaSalem.


TrashDance  10:00 AM Main Screen
The Fade  10:30 AM  Screening Room
The Missing Piece 12:00 PM  Main Screen
Bay Of All Saints 12:30 PM Screening Room
Zipper  2:30 PM Main Screen
Scarlet Road 2:30 PM Screening Room
Mr. Cao Goes To Washington 4:45 PM Main Screen
Radio Unnameable 5:15 Screening Room
Big Easy Express 7:15 PM Main Screen
The Fade 7:15 PM Screening Room
Welcome To The Machine 9:15 PM Main Screen
Water Children 9:45 Screening Room

Peabody Essex Museum

In No Great Hurry  1:00 PM
The World’s Most Fashionable Prison 3:30 PM
The World Before Her 5:30 PM
Poetry Of Resilience 7:30 PM

National Park Service Visitors Center

Mass Reality Check 11:00 AM
FORUM: Truth In Documentaries  2:00 PM

Tonight will close out with the Filmmakers’ Bash at 41 Church Restaurant from 9 PM to 12 AM.

All in all, looks like a great, fun, and busy day at the 2013 Salem Film Fest – hope everyone has fun!