It’s that time of year again folks – the Podcast Awards nominations phase is HERE!

It’s October, and PNR Networks are teaming up to ask YOU to help us get our shows nominated for the 8th annual Podcast Awards.

All PNR Networks sites are teaming up to work together because we need YOUR help. The Podcast Awards nominating process is a very stringent one, and you have to be precise and sure the first time because you can only submit ONE nomination ballot.

We are convinced that with your help, we can get a nomination for some of our shows. We’ve worked hard to convince you before, but this year is super-important because we’re in a major growth phase on most of our shows and a nomination would be a real boost to that.

You can nominate each podcast only once in each of the top two categories – People’s Choice and Best Produced – and once more in the general categories. Here’s what to do. For each nomination category listed below, we’ve listed the show we are trying to get nominated, and its URL. Go to and bring up the ballot. Then fill out the following categories thusly:

People’s Choice – Mirrorball Mayhem

Best Produced- Subject:CINEMA

Entertainment – Mirrorball Mayhem

Mature – Platinum Roses’ Garden

Movies/Films – Subject:CINEMA

General – Cavebabble

Now, hopefully you are a podcast listener in general – it’s always good to check the rest of the categories and nominate shows in the other categories as well. There are hundreds of great podcasts out there that can use your support, so before voting, check around for other great shows that you could nominate in the other categories.

And once you’ve voted – please SHARE your votes on Facebook, Twitter, and all your usual social media outlets, and encourage your friends to come vote for us as well – we need a TON of support, because it takes a LOT to get nominated. Over the next ten or so days as the nomination process goes on, you’re going to receive a ton of Tweets and Facebook reminders to vote. DON’T get angry about these – this is a normal part of the process. In fact the best thing you can do with twitter is simply to retweet the tweets to your followers, and urge them to retweet it to theirs as well.

Please help support PNR Networks’ efforts – we’ve been a podcast player for seven years now, and I’ve had a TON of people tell me we have some of the best produced, most fun to listen to podcasts on the planet. It’s my hope that those people will now in turn help us to make this years’ nominees! And making this year’s nominations will in turn help PNR Networks to continue to grow and to support podcasting around the world! We’ve made the call – now it’s YOUR TURN! Vote to nominate our shows TODAY! And spread the word to your friends!