28th Annual Boston Film Festival – Day Five

It’s day five – closing night – of the 28th annual Boston Film Festival at Theatre 1 at the Revere Hotel on Stuart Street. I have to say we’ve had a lot of fun so far, and we’ll have a full report on the festival and our picks from it on next weekend’s Subject:CINEMA at http://subjectcinema.com.

Here’s the final day line up!


5:00PM Short Programs

Title: The Last Race (28 min.)
Director: Jeremy Cumpston
Title: The Bunglers (29 min.)
Director: Glenn Camhi
Title: You Got This (20 min.)
Director: Simo Manfredi


6:45PM “Stranglehold: In the Shadow of the Boston Strangler” — World Premiere

Director/Producer: Myles Jewell
Starring: Chris Evans
Synopsis: In the 1960s, filmmaker Myles Jewell’s grandfather, Phil DiNatale, worked relentlessly as an investigator on the case of the Boston Strangler. But despite DiNatale’s meticulous investigative efforts, the case got caught in Boston’s political cross hairs and was never officially solved. Now, 50 years later, Jewell plunges head-first into his grandfather’s immense homemade detective archive to reveal never-before-seen details about the Strangler investigation. Part historical film, part personal documentary, and part whodunit, “1Stranglehold: In the Shadow of the Boston Strangler” tells the story of DiNatale, a beat cop-turned-famed detective, and the long-lasting effect his investigative legacy had on his family for generations.
Run Time: 1:28


8:45PM “Free Throw” — World Premiere

Director: Court Crandall
Producer: Andrew Silver
Synopsis: We live in a world full of lines that divide us — racial. Financial. Religious. But what if there was one line that brought us all together? A line we didn’t just stand on, but for. A line painted on the ground that showed us all just how high we can reach. “Free Throw” follows eight students at Compton High School near Los Angeles as they participate in a free-throw shooting contest for $40,000 college scholarship. As we learn about these amazing boys and girls, what starts as a competition gradually becomes collaboration, and we discover that America’s true role models may come from a very unlikely zip code.
Run Time: 1:27


10:00PM Closing Night Celebration
Rustic Kitchen, 210 Stuart Street, Park Square