28th Annual Boston Film Festival – Day 3

Today is the busiest day at the 28th Boston Film Festival, happening through Monday at the remodeled Theatre 1 @ the Revere Hotel on Stuart Street. With a full program of features and shorts, there’s plenty to choose from!

We’ll have our rundown of the entire festival next week on PNR Boston and it will also be featured as part of the first annual Fall Fethival Fiethta on Subject:CINEMA next weekend.


12:00–2:00PM Shorts Program 1

Title: Nani
Director: Justin Tipping
Title: Last Remarks
Director: Umar Riaz
Title: Little Moon Lost
Director: Jennifer Treuting
Title: Towing
Director: Wenhwa Ts’ao
Title: Mind Field
Director: Nina Corrado
Title: Literally, Right Before Aaron
Director: Ryan Eggold
Title: The Couch
Director: Rubens Marinelli Neto
Title: We Do Too
Director: Meghan Sims
Title: New, Broken Calculator
Director: Brandon Luck McDuffey


2:15PM “In His Footsteps” — World Premiere

Director: Shelley Taylor
Synopsis: “In His Footsteps” follows a successful entrepreneur and mother as she loses her only child of 32 years — and subsequently, her company, where both worked.

Her emotional voyage goes from hopelessness to resilience over a six-month period as she travels from London to Berlin, New York, Beverly Hills and Silicon Valley tracing her son’s steps in these cities where he was an actor, writer and chef. It is a story about the transformative power of optimism and action, and ultimately, a story about hope.

By organizing impromptu restaurants in people’s homes and cooking for her son’s friends and strangers alike, she cooks and dances her way out of the darkness and into pockets of healing and happiness.

Run Time: 55 min.


3:45PM “Lost Reunions” — World Premiere

Director: Danny Diaz
Synopsis: Spanning four continents, two oceans and 70 years, this account of PT boats and the men who sailed them is truly the last untold story of World War II.

Focusing on torpedo armed PT boat squadrons, this multi-faceted film weaves rare photos, undiscovered footage and in-person interviews with the PT boaters themselves as they reflect on how they fought the war, and gather together for the last time at the final PT boat reunion. This poignant documentary reveals the bravery and humanity of the “Greatest Generation” as well as the strength and pride of the American spirit.

Run Time: 1:13


5:35PM “An Affair of the Heart” — East Coast Premiere

Director/Producer: Sylvia Caminer
Producer/Executive Producer: Melanie Lentz-Janney
Executive Producer: Dancy Myers
Editor: David Dean
Camera: Douglas Bachman
Starring: Rick Springfield
Synopsis: In a cultural phenomenon every bit as fanatical as Deadheads and Bieber Fever, pop star Rick Springfield’s fans have been following him with religious devotion for 30 years. Bursting onto the global music scene in 1981 with “Jessie’s Girl,” his matinee idol good looks and starring role on General Hospital have often overshadowed his status as a serious musician… but not to the millions of international fans who make pilgrimages to his concerts just to spend time with other “Rick-a-holics” and be transported back to the glory days of the 1980’s. We take an intimate and often comical look into this fascinating sub-culture and the lives of a few of these diehard fans, exploring how the relationship with their idol and his music has personally inspired and affected their lives and ALL those around them.
Run Time: 1:33


7:30PM “The Citizen” — World Premiere

Director: Sam Kadi
Writers: Jazmen Brown, Samir Younis, Sam Kadi
Starring: Agnes Bruckner, Cary Elwes, Khaled Nabawy, William Atherton
Synopsis: An Arab immigrant wins the U.S. Green Card lottery and arrives in New York City… one day before the 9/11 attacks.
Run Time: 1:39


9:40PM “The Oranges” — Special Screening

Director: Julian Farino
Starring: Hugh Laurie (“House, M.D.”), Leighton Meester (“Gossip Girl”), Oliver Platt, Catherine Keener (“The 40-Year-Old Virgin”) Alison Janney (“The West Wing”), Adam Brody
Synopsis: A guy falls for the daughter of a family friend, making life just a bit awkward for himself and the family.
Run Time: 2:10


10:30PM Party