28th Annual Boston Film Festival – Day Two

The 28th annual Boston Film Festival continues tonight at Theatre 1, formerly the Stuart Street Playhouse, at the Revere Hotel on Stuart Street. This year’s festival promises to be very fun, and the lineup they are presenting this year is excellent.

Here is the Day Two schedule from http://bostonfilmfestival.org:


4:00PM “Broadway’s Finest”

Director/Writer: Stephen Marro
Starring: Adam Storke, John Lavelle, Nick Cornish, Larry Pine
Synopsis: “Broadway’s Finest” is a diverting story about three struggling men who impersonate New York City undercover cops and chase down a notorious drug dealer in order to create their own cutting-edge police drama. Desperate for success, they enter the dangerous world of undercover police work to get the authentic material they need to create their show. As the exploits of the ill-prepared detectives get them deeper and deeper into the case, they are driven to extremes. Do these guys really know what they’re playing with? Will they survive the dangers of the street?
Run Time: 1:28


6:45PM “To Redemption” — World Premiere

Director/Writer: Alexia Oldini
Starring: John Faughnan, James McCaffrey, Chris Riggi, Katherine Narducci
Synopsis: The Reeds are a tight-knit family, but when the unthinkable happens, each one of them will be facing choices that will change their lives and possibly tear them apart forever. Faiths and beliefs will be put to the test, and when dark secrets from the past are revealed, how far are they willing to go to protect and avenge the ones they love?
Run Time: 1:40


9:15PM “A Dark Truth” — U.S. Premiere

Director/Writer: Damian Lee
Starring: Andy Garcia, Kevin Durand, Forest Whitaker, Eva Longoria, Kim Coates
Synopsis: “A Dark Truth” is a suspenseful story about a multi-national engineering corporation with deep political relationships. Corrupt government officials are being paid by this corporate giant to privatize and contract the water rights of third world countries, charging their populations for access to the essence of life. The slaughter of an entire village in Ecuador, catastrophic disease and a family member’s involvement is revealed as a sibling enlists the help of a former CIA member to find evidence of the cover-up.
Run Time: 1:46


10:30PM Party