“Boston Popcorn” is about to change…for the better…

On May 1, 2012, “Boston Popcorn” will be changing….

Same great Boston area film coverage, same great Boston Film Festival coverage, same great links to all the Boston area venues and schedules, same great everything….

Plus some new features as well…including links to other Boston-centric and Boston-based blogs and film sites, interactive local event calendar, great articles and features on the Boston Film Community, and more.

We’ll even have the same general look…except the header graphic…

Sooooo….. I guess we’re not really changing anything…except our name…

On May 1, “Boston Popcorn” officially becomes “PNR Boston”!

The change is occurring for several reasons. One, we’ve had trouble securing the “BostonPopcorn.Com” address – we’ve always been at “http://bostonpopcorn.net” and some squatter grabbed the .com address when it became available before I had a chance to grab it.  Two, we’ve always had people come by who thought we were popcorn vendors (we are not – except for the sales link on the site).  And three, we’ve been using PNRBoston as our local twitter address for about two years, and thought it was high time things match up. Plus there’s no reason not to capitalize on the good name of our main site, Popcorn N Roses, long known as simply PNR to our regular readers and listeners.

So effective officially May 1, 2012 (the transition will actually occur today at some point), we will rebrand the site and addresses, and officially become “PNR Boston”. You will still be able to reach the site at the http://bostonpopcorn.net address, but will also now have the easier option of reaching the site via its NEW official URL, which is http://PNRBoston.com.

Don’t forget to update your RSS feed of the site – it will now have “PNRBoston” instead of “BostonPopcorn” in the front – you can unsubscribe and resubscribe using the RSS feed button on the site.

Also, graphics may be broken here and there, and links might be as well – we will fix those as we go along and they should be back to normal in a day or so.

Thanks for being Boston Popcorn readers for the better part of five years, and we hope you will continue to be PNRBoston readers as well!