10th Annual Independent Film Festival of Boston – Day Two Schedule

The Independent Film Festival of Boston is underway, and runs through next Wednesday, May 2nd. The 10th annual edition of the festival has dozens of great movies to choose from over the next several days. We will be doing our best to take in as many films as we can, and presently have plans to see as many as 14 films over the course of the next week.

Here’s the IFFB schedule for Thursday April 26. Remember, pass holders need to be there at least 15 minutes before showtime to be seated ahead of ticket holders. You can purchase tickets for all of today’s shows through the IFFB website at http://iffboston.org, and at the Somerville Theatre boxoffice – tickets still available will be sold through the rush line beginning 15 minute prior to the feature’s start.

Check out a different trailer every day from the festival at our parent site, http://popcornnroses.com and http://subjectcinema.com.

Thursday, April 26th

6:45 PM
Maïwenn | Narrative | 127 min.
Somerville Theatre 2

7:00 PM
Liberal Arts
Josh Radnor | Narrative | 97 min.
Somerville Theatre 3

7:00 PM
Ross Finkel, Trevor Martin, Jonathan Paley | Documentary | 73 min.
Somerville Theatre 4

7:15 PM
Code of the West
Rebecca Richman Cohen 2012 | Documentary | 72 min.
Somerville Theatre 5

7:45 PM
Andrew Bird: Fever Year
Xan Aranda | Documentary | 81 min.
Somerville Theatre 1

9:15 PM
David Zellner 2012 | Narrative | 83 min.
Somerville Theatre 4

9:30 PM
The Imposter
Bart Layton 2012 | Documentary | 95 min.
Somerville Theatre 3

9:30 PM
Shorts Package 1: Documentaries
Various Directors |Short Film | 86 min.
Somerville Theatre 5

9:45 PM
Shorts Package 5: Animation
Various Directors |Short Film | 90 min.